Netflix Version As A Separate Category From Mobile
2 months ago
New York, USA

Hey So I'm Not Really Familiar With How The Moderators Moderate This Game But You Should Add The Netflix Version Of Game Dev Tycoon As A Separate Category From Mobile. The Netflix Version Makes Some Things A Lot Easier, (Such As Making A Licensed Movie Game Giving Things Upward Of 300 Research Points) To The Point That On My 3rd Playthrough I Ended Up With Over 100M Before Opening R&D, While Outside Of The Netflix Edition I Barely Manage 10M Afterward.

Again Not Really Sure How You Moderate But The Game Does Have A Lot Of New Features That Appear To Be Exclusive To The Netflix Port AFAIK.

United States

No idea this came out, thanks for the heads up.

Differences for those wondering is it looks like they added licensed topics and content creators (