Suggestions for new categories.
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As I've stated in a previous forum post I have some ideas for other categories that could be added, though I didn't go into detail on what they were. Feel free to consider these or not. Any feedback is appreciated.

Topic% - Research all topics as quickly as possible. Demo% - Get to the end of the Demo as quickly as possible. Console% - Release a console as quickly as possible. 100% - Unlock/research everything as quickly as possible. Achievement% - Get all achievements as quickly as possible (the only tricky thing being the 11/10 one as it's extremely hard to obtain)

I also feel like there should be a leaderboard for Pirate Mode as well as it adds difficulty but also new things that you need to consider, such as reserching DRM and giving away an amount of your company for additional cash.



Most of those sound reasonable to me (though I'm personally not a huge fan of demo categories, nobody ever really takes them seriously), but it's generally a lot easier to justify adding new categories if runs exist for them. No point in making a bunch of new categories if nobody's ever actually going to run them. Also hard to gauge if they'll actually be fun or interesting until someone actually goes and does it.

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Good point, I did actually do a "Topic%" run a while back. The thing is with that run is that it felt a lot less reliant on RNG compared to other runs (of course it's still part of the run, this is Game Dev Tycoon we're talking about). I'll happily share the run though there wasn't much commentary while I was actually doing it and it's super unoptimized:

I haven't done 100% yet but it seems like it would be the same thing.

Demo% I've also technically done a run for before but I wasn't recording it, but I don't mind doing redoing it and showing it off as well.

iirc Snakeob was looking into doing an All Achievement run, but then he ran into the roadblock of getting the 11/10 achievement, after speaking to him about the other categories he seemed to show some interest in doing them as well, so I don't feel like at least most of these suggestions would be empty.

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Update: I've added some of the categories that I suggested. One thing that still needs deciding on is the when to start the timer for the Pirate runs, since you have to get past the welcome screen to enable Pirate Mode. I kept it as the same time ruling where it begins when the welcome screen appears but it's still up for debate as of right now.

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Ok so I found something a while back, there was a speedrun for Game Dev Tycoon on Twin Galaxies from 2015, however it didn't match any of the categories we had back then or have now. The run's goal was to get to 10M cash as fast as possible. I think this should be added as a category to the leaderboard as a run does exist for it and today some interest was shown on the Discord.

Here is the run in question:

What does everyone else think?

While I'm at it I'm removing the Pirate Mode categories as no one is running them.

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