One less required combat!
4 years ago
Wisconsin, USA

Just have to jump on the tall dude and over the invisible wall.

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United States

Great find. Nabe was actually trying to find a skip for this guy at one point, but didn't find anything. So, good job. I found yet another skip that lets you bypass the last Arzoor (Final Tony) fight right before Hitasp: The idea is to either get him to run at you into that corner or lure him to the right side of the staircase and then stand on the stairs. If he doesn't run at you, he might spam the massive green attack over and over, which makes the skip impossible, thus, the backup is to lure him to the right of the staircase. You can't jump straight at the spikes/spears/whatever, you have to come in from the right a little bit. I haven't fully tested this to see if it's relatively free, but it seems to be pretty easy. It only seems to save around 5-10 seconds compared to fighting him normally.

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