Void rolling
4 years ago

Alright, so me and StackyMcBears have both done some stupidly quick runs using the new trick, void rolling.

This should be isolated in its own category, we both agree. Prior runs in Any% Easy Mode should move to a second category that specifically excludes this trick in the rules: "No usage of infinite air rolling where the camera locks in place and Garshasp rolls off-screen to enter a new loading zone."

tl;dr Any% (No Void Rolling) should exist as a second category, because it's more fun, and worth preserving as its own thing.

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+1 to splitting other runs out into a separate category for more fun

For naming this trick, I think "void rolling" is fine. "Roll warping" is a highly presumptuous name with no ground to stand on. Only an absolute dork would try calling it that

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This all sounds good to me. I'll verify the new runs today hopefully and set up the No Void Rolling category. I'll be moving Stacky's 41:47 over to the void rolling category. [Edit: Or does that really count as proper void rolling? Considering it doesn't really lead into a new load zone if I remember right. Thoughts?] Great find with this new trick! I can't wait to try it out myself.

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Yeah, I think you split the runs up correctly. I wouldn't consider rolling down the wall to be "void rolling" since you don't load into a new area, as you said. As far as I can tell, if there's no mace-spin loading time then it certainly isn't.

There are some slightly more questionable places; for instance, if you roll away from the tree early, you can skip part of the ledges that follow. Is this a void roll? There is mace-spin so I think I'd err on the side of yes, but there may be places where mace-spin is coincidental and doesn't necessarily indicate a new zone.

Other than that, as far as practical concerns go, rolling down the wall is easy, consistent, and fun, so I don't think there's a need to separate it. Thanks for the new category :)

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I think that rolling around in midair, like the new skip of the fight atop the tree, is just fun to perform and to watch, and cuts out on a boring fight that we were skipping anyway. It's when you use it to cut across the map that it's ridiculous and not too fun to watch, and that really only applies to the start of the game because the end-game areas are located physically below it and relatively nearby.

At the tree, you can start to roll off-camera if you go too far, but the farthest you can land is just past the yellow guys that spawn at the base of the tree. (Or into the water, causing you to reach death.) The game will sometimes get confused there on the way down, and load you in and out of the area if you roll in a direction it doesn't like. But you're just losing time if you hit those loads, rather than getting anywhere new.

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