This leaderboard is inactive.
3 years ago

This leaderboard of GIAG is inactive, and I will be attempting to gain access to it and allow this community to submit runs. I am currently setting up a discord server as well as several guides in case my requests go through.

Rochester, NY, USA

When I checked the site like 2 days ago it hadn't been approved yet, be patient. I'm working on finding moderators and setting up categories


I can be a moderator


I set up a discord server Here is the invite

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please don't tell me to be patient, as when you get a game accepted, you should try and set things up as soon as possible. it's not bold of me to assume somebody who hasnt even made a forum post in 6 months just sniped a leaderboard and was going to let it rot.

California, USA

I tried to make a leaderboard that I would have set up with all the rules and guides, but it got denied. I resubmitted with a explanation, then they said that there was already a leaderboard. I looked and saw a blank page. I think I still have the Glitchless Wr/ Any% of 4:26. Please, let us post something. Also, I am a mod of another game that I would believe is decent practice to be a mod here.


French Southern Territories

@Saori stop being so aggressive. Also, forum posts aren't a good way to measure how active someone is. If you had just asked politely, you probably would have been made a mod. But you're being so aggressive and unreasonable that I don't think that you are qualified to be a mod of any game at all. Chill out.

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