Is all blue% even possible
3 years ago

Alot of the levels are extremely RNG based to get a blue rating on.

specifically levels 11, 12, and 13

And having grinded every level for a blue rating I think a blue rating on level 10 is actually impossible.

(I play on the web, and I just cannot imagine a completion of level 10 in 3 shots)

You need 1 jump to get to of the box, a second to jump inside the box, and a third to get the new larger cube into the box and onto the green square, but I think the angle to jump into the box will never let the larger cube to slide through the narrow gap and onto the green square. While I can imagine a potential 4 shot solution, I cannot get do better than a 5 shot solution, and we would need a 3 shot solution.

Am I missing something? Has someone else gotten a BLUE RATING ON LEVEL 10?

Rochester, NY, USA

I think all blue scores is impossible. I'll do some grinding on all of the levels that I haven't gotten blue on and if I can't get blue on them we will modify the rules for that category.

California, USA

I don't think it's possible :(

Rochester, NY, USA

11 and 13 seem to be possible, although very difficult. 10 is almost certainly impossible and 12 likely is so I've changed the rules to allow 4 shots on those two levels.

I was able to get the blue rating on every level except level 10. Although, 11, 12, and 13 had a lot of RNG like dozens of attempts on the strategy. Level 16 was the hardest to do, but I felt it was skill based instead of RNG.

Rochester, NY, USA

How did you get 12?

When you duplicate the large block to make 2 sometimes, if you shot it at an angle, 1 of them lands on one side covering the sensors. Then use your 3rd shot to line up the duplicate

This took like at least 60 attempts and I got the set up twice (and missed it the first time)

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both me and jannik have gotten 15/16 levels blue. level 10 is impossible to do in 3 moves. all others are possible. good luck

Sam told me he will update the game to have lvl10 4moves blue so yea.

California, USA

nice. I'll just have to get Blue% WR now xD

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