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Any% Glitchless Blue% (where you get blue scores) Crash% (As soon as you get a error/a 'close/wait' pop-up)

Just some ideas I had


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Waiting for the categories

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Any% and Blue% have been added. I don't think there are any glitches that change the run enough to require a glitchless category, If there's enough interest I'll add it though.

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I found a infinite duplication glitch that could deserve a Crash% category


Rochester, NY, USA

That's interesting, I haven't seen that. Could you post a video of it?

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Sure! It's inconsistent, but I will try to get it. how it works (I think) is that when the cube hits the corner of a smaller level, it doesn't fall off, but still duplicates the cube. This happens until the game crashed

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I got part of it. It is on the discord

First up...please dont add a % to something that isnt related to %.

2nd i dont think a glitchless category is needed if there is just 1 glitch....that simply crashes the game and doesnt change the whole game or how its played.

3rd i also thought about a (all blue) category . Its a neat idea but if this game gets rly rly optimized people will just get all blue in the normal run..not a problem now tho.

4th a category for crashing is just dumb. No other comment to that

5th id suggest just having the wh8le leaderboard set up with 2 subcategories Like: Full game (Standard) (all blue) and if we add any other categories we can have them as subcategories because we still just complete the full game and not less or more . Idk like ( all green)

But i think its also fine like this since its only 2 categories.

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California, USA

I get that.

  1. yea lol

  2. the glitch duplicated cubes. So I can make like 15 cubes in one hop for 16, so It could get insane

  3. Some of the shots are lame, and just faster to take 2 shots instead of bouncing a cube of a corner in a specific way to get it into the green square 1st try

  4. yea, but It's kinda cool

  5. That is a great idea, but I don't think I can do that as a verifier

2.To my knowledge the glitch only happens in lvl15.. which can be done with 1 shot anyways if you know the setup. Not a game changer...and not even a level changer 3. Oh yea thats what i also thought about ..there are setups for 1 Shots which just take longer so yea 4. A category which is hardware dependend? Im not sure if thats epic 5. Yea its fine i just suggested that in general , it wasnt fully directed towards you.

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