Pause Glitch Guide

By NerdyFoxTVNerdyFoxTV Last updated

How to do the "Pause Glitch."

Things to know: V-Sync has to be on because this glitch is frame rate depended... or so it's assumed.

1) Pause during the beginning of the final phase on either Chain, Strap, or Burst.

2) Keep shooting at the boss, you can't see your character, but you can see where your bullets travel.

3) When the screen zooms back out where you can see your character again, keep shooting and pausing at the same time.

If done correctly the boss should dash to the right or left, skipping the whole bullet hell phase. You may not get it first try, it's very precise. Here's a video on me doing it, it may take one more pauses, I just happened to get it on my first pause.

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