Furi No Hit Speedrun - Proposition of a new category.
2 years ago
Île-de-France, France

Hello everyone. As you probably know, Furi's Speedrun mode has a hit counter.

In doing so, completing the game without getting hit is a difficult challenge, which has already been completed by several runners.

But how fast?

Since ShatteredIce's World First no hit run 4 years ago, (https://www.speedrun.com/furi/run/7z0q0jom) Furi's speedrunners have become very, very talented. The proof of this is the number of runners who recently passed the 30-minute mark.

I therefore propose the creation of a new category: Speedrun Mode (No Hit).

The only additional restriction on the validation of a run done in Speedrun mode in this leaderboard will be, as you can imagine, to finish your run with 0 hits.

I think this new challenge could appeal to many speedrunners in our community. In addition, the creation of this new leaderboard will generate excitement and a different way to face certain bosses.

If this category comes to be created, we already have at least two runs that can integrate it. ShatteredIce's World First and my own run, below. I will try to reduce this time under 34 minutes.

Thanks for reading me. Good luck to all the runners.

Western Australia, Australia

To be honest I'm not sure it's a fit for speedrun. A solid achievement no doubt, but all the categories we have at the moment are completing the game to different routes (arguably we could have an assimilation route but I don't think there's interest), whereas this is just putting a stipulation on the same route. I think also there could be some disagreement on whether it's a no damage run or no hit run (since you can get I-frames from dropping off the edge without taking a hit). You'd need two different categories for that, multiplied by two for the pause glitch, and who's to say it should just be on speedrun mode? Then we're splitting every category into 6 different runs! Or if you applied them to ILs, The Burst would have Furi Legacy, Furi PG, Furi No Hit Legacy, Furi No Hit PG, Furi No Damage Legacy, Furi No Damage PG, Furier Legacy, Furier PG, Furier No Hit Legacy, Furier No Hit PG, Furier No Damage Legacy, Furier No Damage PG, which is 12 different runs. I get that this isn't what's being asked, but it is a showing of how overboard it all gets when you put all the combinations in.

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It's basically a dank% run, just gives runners more style points for running it. It doesn't need to have a separate categories for story vs speedrun mode or PG vs no PG or even ILs. It's just a 'for fun' category that can have it's own rules based on what the community preference is. A plain and simple furi speedrun mode 0 hit no PG category would be awesome. As much as id prefer it to be 0 damage and 0 hit. It just makes more sense to make it 0 hit only. As long as the in-game hit counter is 0 at the end of the run the run is valid (yes, that means dashing off the edge to survive P6 burst will be a thing). No PG is just a personal preference as that's what everyone has done, I'd be 100% okay if PG and no PG were both valid in this category. I only know of 3 recorded runs that fit the requirement. And I'm pretty sure there are more out there, I just don't wanna search for them at all. And I like to think I'm pretty interested in Furi 0 hit. It's doubtful anyone not in the very-in-community will even know about it. All I'm saying is it would be nice to have a list of these runs somewhere online, and it makes the most sense to put them on speedrun.com.

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