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6 years ago
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Hey Pelote and Moderators ! This answer is much more to strengthen Pelote's message than answering to him. We know each other and have already discuss about that in private. Anyway, it's been a long time we compete each other on PC vs PS4 on Furi leaderboard, leading by the way to interesting and funny meetings on twitch, discord... with runners and players, in the leaderboard or not. But we have to admit that the technical caracteristics of our respective plateforms (PC or PS4) begin to be to much involved in the final timer we get in runs when you reach some high ranks of the leaderboard. By discussing with Angelym and Dircashede, it appears inevitable that, personnaly, I wont be able to overcome them by running on PS4, even with the best run I could do. It's not because I could reach higher rank with separate leaderboards, speedrunning and discussing with other Furi players is funnier enough and that's what matters to me^^, that I defend this opinion but it's much more because I think that separate the leaderboards sounds more fair, for current and future runners, and I can say that based on my personnal experience. Of course I'm also a competitor, so to fight for the highest rank, you have to use the same weapons ;-) I hope this could reach your ears moderators guys, and I join forces with Pelote in waiting for feedback ! Bye!


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As odd as it is, until you've explained it now, I didn't actually know what exactly was different about PS4 & PC that leads to the time difference. Since you mention the blaster, it raises an interesting thing I've noticed but never checked until now. Whenever I watch angelym's videos, it feels like his gun can shoot faster than mine can, which would explain why some strategies of his, I just cannot replicate (like finishing off The Scale in phase 1 before he tries to do his slashes, which I can only barely manage with a half charge slash). I also found that when I do The Hand seemingly perfect minus small things (like parrying 2 slashes in phase 4 instead of 1), my time ends up 10 seconds slower than his! I've now checked and it seems that he can shoot down The Hand when he's motionless in phase 4 in about 20 seconds, but it takes 22 seconds for me! On the other hand, as we saw during his last stream, I can consistently get a charge in when he teleports in the first 3 phases, but angelym can't. But we're both playing on PC, and my FPS stays consistent at 60. It's not like I'm bound to the same limits as PS4 players either because I think my Song PB is better than anything that's been done on PS4, and even that's a little sloppy. It feels like we're all in different situations but I can't work out why. I would love if there's a quick fix and all of a sudden I can shave 20 seconds off my PB hehe.

(I am not trying to suggest I am at angelym's skill level or even near it :p)


Edit: angelym has answered my question for me. So as not to de-rail the thread, it's because I had V-Sync on. New PB potentially incoming :p

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