Favorite Food?
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Texas, USA
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A pretty simple question, in my opinion: what's your favorite food and why? My favorite is fried chicken because, well, I love chicken and I love fried foods! Second place is probably croissants, I had them a lot at my grandparents' house so they're really nostalgic for me.

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Arizona, USA

I love orange chicken. I eat the Costco orange chicken like once a week lol

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Texas, USA

I have too many. But if I had to narrow them all down to specific meals...

Pizza -It's very difficult to go wrong with pizza. If I need a go-to meal with large portions I always order a few pizzas from my favorite places. Stuffed crust supreme with garlic sauce is my fave.

Arabic/Mediterranean -Biryani rice with chicken shawarma or lamb. Hummus on the side, pita bread, and olives. Maybe some tzatziki as well.

Sushi -I can easily destroy 5-8 rolls in a single sitting. The best is when I go to an all-you-can-eat. White tuna is my favorite.

Surf'n'Turf -My mom would occasionally treat my sister and I to some surf'n'turf at different steak houses, sometimes at Eddie V's. Blue rare steak with south african lobster tail isn't cheap but it's definitely worth it.

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i'm a Pepperhead, so i love spicy things usually a tabasco is good for the beginning but i have a local spicy sauce here which contains Habanero pepper+ 7 Pot Madballz + Carolina Reaper (Only 5% on 100ml).

Pizza: Chilly peppers, Mushrooms, Bacon, Pepperoni, Cheese and onions.

Pita Gyro: (Trust me is delicious and can keep you full for long) Gyro Chicken, Patatoes, Onions and Chilly.

Dolmadákia (Instead of Grape leaves try it with Onion, I'm Very sure if eat one of these you will stuck for sure! so Heavenly tasty and sweet!!! Go ahead try it!!!)

Edit: Forgot to add the 3rd Pepper in the sauce and also i want to specify the Bottle is 100ml The 5% is the real quantity juice of carolina reaper. Without a lot words 5ml out 100ml is carolina reaper.

I'm NOT FLEXING i just want to be Honest Please don't take this as flexing.

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Pennsylvania, USA

Grilled Cheese; perfect combination.

Pizza is overrated and is actually kinda meh

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I could live off of potatoes in general. Mashed, baked, French fries, grilled, sweet potatoes, anything.

When I'm at a restaurant no matter what I get the sides are always potatoes. Hotdog?.. Potatoes. Quesadilla?....Potatoes. Ramen noodles? Drop some instant mashed potatoes in there and stir 'em up.

Also if I'm allowed two sides I get Mashed potatoes and either a baked sweet potato, or fries... But always mashed, always.

I want to go to the restaurant Potatopia!!!!!

United States

The edible and delicious food that comes from plants and animals are my favorites

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European Union

Most Mexican food is god-tier, you can't go wrong with Pasta, and Feijão Tropeiro (A Brazilian dish mixing beans, sausage, and some other things) is fucking amazing. For some more Germanic foods, Currywurst is obviously good, and Sauerkraut is underrated.

Also potatoes are the ultimate side dish, MUCH better than rice.

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ding dongs. stupid name, great food

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Chicken Nuggets

Utah, USA

I love Brazilian foods (I get to eat them all the time whenever I go to that country) and Chinese food is good too. There are many other amazing foods that exist, too bad I can't name them all.

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Phayao, Thailand


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French Southern Territories

I love these things they're delicious


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Florida, USA

i love

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i have a few. one a homecooked soup called Soto ayam (in indonesian). basically, it's a chicken soup with lots of spices, really rich in taste and flavour, better with koya. another is cream soup. probably mushroom or chicken. and for instant food would be well, instant noodles, mainly one brand in my local country is Indomie. i love the soup noodles

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Borsh and pelmeny https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/906131460409409578/1084465202424201296/i_44.jpg

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Man i can't skip that, DUMPLINGS ARE THE BEST!

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