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I’ve seen so many other runners use a particular method of bunny hopping to save stamina, however I have never been able to recreate it. Can someone post a detailed method on how the bunny hop is used?

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  1. Make sure you don’t have toggle sprint on
  2. Try and use different key binds for sprint
  3. Watch some videos of world record runs with keyboard overlays to see how they time them And most importantly
  4. Practice, practice, practice I have a run up now you could look at if you want to see timings
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How to do it on PS5?


To do bunny hop method you must:

  1. Disable the toggle sprint feature
  2. Hold W, press Shift and space to do bunny hop (not at the same time but you shouldnt wait few seconds between pressing them)
  3. Try to jump exactly when you land on the floor.
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I know I'm later than the GTA 6 release but i just wanted to mention how you can bunny hop on a controller. I set my keybinds for jump as down d pad and r1 as sprint. I would use my left middle finger to jump and left pointer finger to move forward. I would use my right pointer finger to sprint and let go of it. And I would use my right thumb for moving my camera. Its not that uncomfortable and it works fairly well. You need some practice for it to be perfect.

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Whats bunny hopping i think yall mean skip skop

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no necroposting smh

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