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Bruh moment

"Absolutely did not want you in the server anymore. You have been warned many times about your behaviour and had been reported to us a handful of times.

Despite you saying you won’t do it again, you did."

My guy doesn't even know what "it" means

Here's stalking behavior + other weird stuff grim said since yall wanna make me look like a scooby doo antagonist so bad

You guys have yet to tell me what the problems were besides me posting tweets and things that you literally resolved in dms with me as shown in the video. Boogey down get real

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Me when I trust someone as a friend and moderator and then he does a sick 180 like a cartoon supervillain reveal

Illinois, USA

thanks for proving my point..? louie's dms show nothing other than what i said, and grim simply checking your public twitter doesn't fall under any of those definitions.

what did you want to achieve by posting this?

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Nowhere in that video did it show me attacking you, harassing you, or being the things you say I am, Find your evidence of all of your claims and then come back :)

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She/Her, They/Them
6 months ago

The "Yikes" in the file names is talking abt you lol

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More unsubstantiated nonsense that doesn’t prove anything other than you don’t know what you’re talking about. Which is shocking since you even looked up the word stalking and still don’t understand that what grim is doing isn’t exactly stalking.

But it did get me thinking about other things:

  1. Misogyny and transphobia are defined as the irrational hatred of women and trans people respectively. Considering your preferred pronouns as they/them, you describe yourself as non-binary. How do any of these terms apply to you when you don’t even consider yourself either a woman or trans? Maybe I’m wrong, but this honestly confuses me lol

  2. On top of continuing to pile unsubstantiated nonsense related to a topic we all should be past by now, you continue to antagonize people who disagree with you. While it does appear some people opposing you haven’t exactly reacted to this situation well either, stooping to that level in the first place (especially when throwing around the serious accusations that you are) doesn’t make your argument look any better.

  3. This being an ongoing thing is now starting to annoy me as this is a constant reminder that all of this is the reason FNAF RRLOL got canned. Nice job btw

I’ve said my piece. Nothing else can be said now that you’ve actually given us screenshots relevant to your discussion. Hope now this is all over and we can all finally move on.

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Illinois, USA

in response to the edit: -those screenshots don’t tell me anything new -i have no clue how you expect to be taken seriously when you’re saying stuff like “boogie down get real”. if you wanna “call us out”, why make a meme out of it?

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ok, this needs to stop i can tell you for a face NO ONE on this planet is stalking you, Louie has the right to dm ANYONE in that server if its related to that server he is a head mod and your terminology is so flawed on "stalking" because of a dm and viewing public stuff If this was deemed "stalking" it wouldnt of past through court as not enjoy your deluded mindset, and have a good day :)

New South Wales, Australia

Alexohi, Louie had done nothing wrong. At no point did he harass or stalk you. You started on Louie with him playing Hogwarts Legacy so you engaged with harassing him because he was playing a game that you didn’t like because of the creator of Harry Potter J.K Rowling’s beliefs/opinions. At any point you could have cut ties and blocked Louie. Instead you attack Louie towards the end sending gifs that were calling him a clown and spoiling the game. I don’t think you understand but upload this to a public forum makes you look like a clown, It’s so painfully obvious on the video Louie did nothing wrong.

Scott Cawthon is in controversy with politics, are people that play Five Nights at Freddys bad? No. The game developers behind Atomic Heart are from Russia and there is a lot of controversy behind Russia. are people that play Atomic Heart bad? No. A lot of people just want to play the game and that’s it. Does Louie have to pirate the game so he can play it on stream and justify that he pirated it every time some asks why he’s playing it?

I’m not gonna say anything about GrimGold because I’m not his friend and haven’t really ever interacted with him.

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I wouldn't even advise coming back at this point.

Tfw you post things displaying how yall are lying and avoiding the actual issues and then the entire mod team responds doing that exact same thing again

Illinois, USA

please explain clearly to us how we are "lying and avoiding the actual issues" when we are very obviously addressing the issues you are bringing up. at this point, it seems like a joke considering the fact you keep posting that video.

what other issues could there possibly be? are you sure we're the ones lying? cause it seems to me like you're continuing to pull shit out of your ass in another terrible attempt to make us look bad.

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Please Alex just drop this, your evidence and claims are lacking, we addressed your concerns and you didn’t like the answer.

Come back with evidence to back your claims up, even though you literally showed every DM we ever exchanged. And I repeat nothing it in showed what you accused myself of. And the same with Grim.

Stay upset because we have decided to blacklist you from FNAF SB and made the decision to remove you from the discord.

But at the end of the day you have clearly made false claims and are upset that no one will willingly believe you without evidence.

Welcome to the world of reality where evidence is needed especially when you make accusations as severe as the ones you have made.

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You know you guys have yet to actually show what legitimate "problems" I have besides:

  • telling someone why promoting a game with harmful ideology is wrong
  • sending a clown gif
  • getting fnaf banned because I told an admin and said I felt unsafe
  • making tweets you dont like ?? And you continuously go back to wizard game because it's easy fodder, and then blatantly twist my words and outright lie because... you apparently have nothing else to go off of? You've all apparently got these huge problems with me and yet the only thing you cite is "wah trans person got upset"

Also you know stalking can happen in public if there's malicious intent, right?

Yall when Louie willingly engages in a transphobic argument with me: harassment Y'all when Grim and possibly the rest of you (who knows at this point) comb through my tweets and past trauma in order to connect imaginary dots and "prove" that I'm a bad person: normal behavior tbh

Also for the record if there was apparently such a problem with me, why did Louie blatantly lie in all of the dms you can see in the video, that show that any server problems were resolved? If they weren't actually resolved and you still had an issue with me, why wouldn't you actually just talk to me in the moment like a normal person instead of holding some weird grudge, pretending to be my friends, and then claiming I'm this horrible troublemaker (for things you won't even talk about lmao)?

United Kingdom

I find it kinda funny how in the video you took of the DMs between you and Louie, you made a massive fuss out of private DMs - showing that those messages contradict the ones that come before them, and that you're a massive hypocrite, as not only have you now publicly shown the DMs of TWO mods, you've brought this up THREE times in public altogether now KEKW

and yet, you sent Louie the clown gif?

"How many times must we teach you this lesson, old man??"

Illinois, USA

your problems are making up claims of transphobia and stalking when neither happened. coming from one trans person to another who dislikes HP, we go back to it because it's an example of you being disrespectful over a game. that argument was in no way shape or form "harassment", you are out of your mind if you genuinely think louie harassed you.

you getting FNAF banned from RRLOL is kinda shitty when you knew we were planning for that. still no idea how that worked with basically no evidence shown to the RRLAT mods (to my knowledge).

grim did not "comb through your tweets and past trauma", that thread literally appears if you just search your name on twitter.

the "server issues" that were addressed were resolved, we're obviously gonna keep discussing someone that has a grudge against us, who also keeps being brought to our attention for causing problems with other members (error, for example). if you were "too scared to talk to the mod team because most of the team is men", why would we bother attempting to talk to you if we apparently make you uncomfortable?

you are a troublemaker, you make up blatant lies, play the victim, yet have ZERO evidence for any of it. i used to be on your side, but then i was shown the DMs and saw that all of your claims are obvious lies. i was uncomfortable with the mods, expressed this to them, they acknowledged what they did was wrong and stopped, and they would like to move on. i have shown you that this is the case, so why the fuck can't you move on???? you're digging your own grave here, alex. you can continue to say we're "lying and avoiding the claims" when we have addressed them several times.

you are blacklisted. you are no longer welcome here. that is the end.

European Union

@Alexohi Hello, you are saying that Hogwarts legacy has the harmful ideology so do you think no one should buy that game? Ok then the other devs who are absolutely not into this "harmful ideology" won't get the money they deserve.

You also said that you just send clown gif to Louie. But it probably had some context under it because why exactly Louie who you hate? Isn't it suspicious?

Why you didn't show all dms with Louie if you have nothing to hide and you are a victim? That means you probably have something to hide, which you don't want to get here to keep yourself clear.

Spamming forums after you got told that you are fricking blacklisted over and over again.

That's it. You claimed a "lying spammer from forums" alias. That's the only thing you did by this.

Drop it, Alexohi. That's a wrap for you

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European Union

Just accept it. Okay?

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United States

If the mods were “avoiding this situation”, they would’ve deleted this thread LONG AGO 😂

New Mexico, USA

I just want to point out that I’m only involved in this because I “kicked” you out of the FNAF relay run after you literally said you didn’t want to be in it anymore because I put you (and Louie) on backup. Bit funny ain’t it?

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