How to skip cutscenes?
5 months ago
United States

i noticed the WR skips the cutscenes by possibly reloading the game? do you just have to have godly loading times? would pausing the timer be applicable to this? i've tried messing with the files, too, but to no avail. i also noticed in the WR that the intro newspaper scene does not appear. how do i replicate this?


if you're on pc, then pressing f2 the second 6 am hits should do the trick. you should spam enter once you do that, so you can easily skip the warning screen and start the night. if you're on console or something that lets you pause, then i think (don't know for sure) that you can pause and quickly go to the title screen. i don't know myself if you're allowed to do any pauses on your timer or anything for this, but you probably can.

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United States

AWESOME :D!! Thanks so much!!!