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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Forum  /  Possible Run Times Reset?

Any chance we can get the Castrum Meridium and Praetorium Records Reset at all? they are unbeatable as they use cutscene skips which i was informed by someone else before is not allowed anymore? i think it would be fair to the people who want to actually go for that record

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I'd be down with having them marked obsolete given that the cutscenes are unskippable these days. We can still get saucy with force-closing the client to come out ahead on time for the longer ones, but even that won't ever touch the times set in the days when we could just press escape and move on.

I think that's my stance on things in general if tech used in runs gets patched out, in the interest of keeping things competitive.

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Yeh i agree except a previous thread the moderators stated that closing /logging out of the game to skip cutscenes was not allowed


Even archiving the older runs which used the "work around" to a seperate tab so there still viewable.


Gonna add on here as a new runner. I do agree that archiving runs that were achived due to changed or unintended behaviour would be a good idea. If a run becomes unreproducable it should no longer count against the leaderboard and keeping them there will discourage people joining this already barely run game.


Runs that had cutscenes skip were moved.

I'd be curious to know everyone's opinion on the summoner glitch.
Should it be removed/banned?

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Summoner Glitch?


that pet glitch in trials


Probably should be removed. I'm happy with my times that used it being removed.


If it's a glitch that is no longer available, I would say remove them or at least archive them as it gives an unfair advantage to people that no one can match


I'd vote for removal since you can't do it anymore.

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