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7 years ago
Florida, USA

Hey everyone, I'd like to dedicate this post to taking suggestions from the community about various categories you all would like to see.

There's no guarantee it'll be added, but I want to gauge interest about different things. So there it is. If there seems to be a decent amount of interest in a certain category, I would like those interested to do run of it. That will give more reason to add that category to the board.

Thanks guys!

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Connecticut, USA

Hey Nannerpuss :D I think PotD is gaining popularity quickly and I would love to see it. I even have suggestions for categories and how they can be set up and would love to talk to you about it more!

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Florida, USA

Sure let's here it. I have no problem with it using RTA even though dungeons use IGT, but my biggest reservation about PotD has been that it's random every time. I know plenty of speedruns have RNG as a factor, but PotD is especially random.

Connecticut, USA

So I'm a bit of a speedrun noob, can you please explain RTA? Is that like using livesplit? I am assuming that when you say IGT, it means the in dungeon timer.

But yeah, I have noticed RNG can potentially make a god tier or terrible run depending on traps, room set up, # of mods, # of coffers, etc. But here is what I was thinking:

  • For categories, this could get pretty in depth, including but not limited to the specific floors that will be run (for sake of simplicity, it'd be best to keep it 1-10, 1-20, etc.). Then it could get really crazy once you factor in "Any%" (just getting to the next floor), "100%" (making sure every room is clear and every coffer on each floor has been collected), and others. This could then be split into Solo, 2-Person, 3-Person, and Full Party. Obviously, I can understand if the mods here didn't want to do that because that would be a CRAZY amount of work.

My friend and I followed these rules during our speedruns:

  • We are not allowed to move from where we are standing before we start splits, but we are allowed to rotate.
  • Once we split, we can move.
  • Each floor split is done once the screen goes completely black in between floors (the chat disappears quickly during the loading screen, this is when I would split).
  • End splits would be iffy. For example, in a Floor 1-10 Run, depending on how the end split would be judged, there are two potential times. If you mark Floor 10 clear on the boss down, then your final time would be shorter. But if we are using the Exit/Continue room to mark Floor 10 clear, then the final time is would be greater and could factor in res'ing a dead team mate before running to the finish

Also, I brought this up with friends today and they wanted to contest me on this, but since floors 1-10 soft cap your arm/armor at 10/10, anyone with 10/10 or higher can run floors 1-10 with the best available stats. If I am wrong about this, please correct me, as I'm not 100% certain, I am speculating. 

Florida, USA

Honestly not sure how to armor cap works.

IGT is "in game time", meaning it'll use the dungeon timer in game. RTA is "real time attack", which is a run that uses real time. The timer is started at a certain time and ended at a certain moment, without ever being paused. In general, first and end splits are the only ones that require a ruling. Splitting for floors would be up to the player.

Anyway I think I'd be pretty willing to add categories for PotD 1-10 and potentially 1-50 any%, but 100% would be way too random and that progress isn't tracked in any way by the game like many other 100% speedruns.

Connecticut, USA

Most of the resources I can find (admittedly on Reddit, so it's not like it's directly from Yoshi P himself, but it's something) mention a soft arm/armor cap when on certain floors. Worst case scenarios, runners with +99/+99 get better times than those that assume there is a +10/+10 soft cap :P

And that makes sense. What is your opinion on end split? Should it be on boss down or on Floor Exit?

I can understand 100% being too random considering mobs can respawn in rooms occasionally, on top of the fact that it's not tracked by the game. I guess my last question would be this: Would you do "Solo" and "Co-op" as the party categories or would you do "solo", "2 person", "3 person", and "full party" for categories?


in any game, coop usually means 2+, having more categories for how many people you have in a party is just arbitrary

Florida, USA

Yeah just like dungeons, coop runs would be considered any run with a party of 2+.

I would make the ending split on dead boss.

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Connecticut, USA

Those points are more than fair! I am very happy to be able to talk to you both and set up PotD as an officially recognized run! Does this mean that my friend and I are (at this point in time) officially WR holders for co-op? ;D

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Lorraine, France


I'd like to know if adding Bahamut's turn could be considered. And about the categories... I'm always doing them with a friend so not really solo and some co-op time can be unbeatable when there is not enough players so.... is it possible to consider adding more categories like "2p" 3p" or not at all ?


@Naedren Coop cover 2p+, no point in having 2p 3p 4p etc.

California, USA

Going to throw my 2cp in here, as i have gained interest in speedrunning dungeons.

Personally, i feel all dungeon runs should be synched. Unsynched dungeons offer no real strategy, and come down to, we kill the 2-3 mobs that we need to in order to progress, and then chain sprint the whole time. A synched dungeon run would require a lot more strategy, group makeup would matter, and EVERYONE would have a level playing field as far as gear is concerned. I feel as if that would really go a long way towards making runs of dungeons more fun and competitive, as it is right now.... its no wonder basically nobody does it.


Can we have a section for Raids aswell? rather than just speedrunning old dungeons. id like a section to show speedruns of old raids being solo'd


i'll start to add what is missing(my bad), ill add dungeons/raids up to Stormblood also.

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Thanks ^^ once coil raids and old Primals are open for run submission ive got a bunch of stuff to add

Pennsylvania, USA

I'm in agreement with the sync'd dungeons and raids. Having them unsynced seems to miss the point of being good and fast at mmos, and relies more on just.. Waiting for the next patch to increase your times. The downside of that is that you'd need a group of four to participate. It's a lot of categories, but maybe have all of them and split? I'd be happy to offer help moderating if you need it, I'm putting together a group to run sync'd dungeons as I type this


wouldnt feel right to remove the unsync'd runs already in place, so instead ill just add sync'd dungeons/raids and rename the current one to "Solo unSynced" and "coop unSynced"

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is there gonna be a seperate section for raids/primals or will they be included alongside dungeons times?


ill put the POTD stuff together and start on the Primals first, raids will be right after.

both will be in "full leaderboard"


any update on trial/raid speedruns?

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