Weekly Speed Challenge (Name Subject to Change)
1 month ago
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1 month ago

Good morning Runners, Today i am happy to announce after a overwhelming positive vote in the discord, we are starting weekly speed challenges, so may i present to you,

Week 1:

For our Opening Event, we'll be looking at the rarely run NG+ MSQ category, specificly at ARR Part 2, Sastasha till Toto Rak. The Segment is Filled with 4 Dungeons and 1 Trial, however, this wont be a Normal NG+ Run. The Base Rules of the Category will still apply tho. Your allowed to make use of any Class, any Mount, any Equip and any Buff that might give you an advantage, however, there will be 1 big twist to it.

After you Finish a Dungeon, we ask you to ASAP swap to another Class. The Class that you've used in that Dungeon will then be BANNED till the end of the Run. Your not allowed to switch Back into it, use any of its Skills or use it for another Dungeon.

ALSO, this Event would'nt be too much Fun without a Reward. So, on top of Honor and Glory, the Winner will receive a exclusive "Bragging Rights" role for our Discord server, that they will keep untill the Winner of the next Event has been decided.

All Runs that follow the Rules and will be Submitted to Speedrun.com till June 9, 2024 10:59 PM are counted.

And with that, we wish everyone best of luck and Fun, if you have any Questions or Concerns feel free to Contact the Admins here or on Discord


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