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Hi all,

I was looking at the leaderboard and noticed that there was no full game (from pressing Start through completing MSQ: The Ultimate Weapon for ARR, or MSQ: Before the Dawn for the patchline / start of HW) speedrun!

I haven't seen the speedrun rules adapted to an MMO in looking around the web, but I think most of them would translate easily. I'd like to propose the following to accommodate treating FFXIV MMO aspects as a marathon and see what you all thought:

Mark whether cutscenes in Westwind / Praetorium / Castrum Meridianum are currently unskippable (~1.5hrs delta)

• Option A - Marathon
• Option B - Allow randos in the DF
• Option C - Allow swapping players

• All members need to start from level 1 at the same time ("clock starts when pressing start at the start screen")
• Only a fresh toon; appearance can be saved in advance
Allowed account buffs:
Road to 60 server
FC buffs
Silver Feathers
Mailed items
Food / meds / etc from the normal game
Disallowed help:
No handouts ("Oh, here's 1,000,000 gil")
No jump potions
No buying gear above equippable at level 1
No undersized from non-included people
No mounts from non-included people (shouldn't get the speed bonus until you unlock it)

• The same physical player per PC, no swapping
• No toons made ahead of time (but saved appearances are ok)
• No modified clients / botting

1. Is it ok to exchange gil to other players for vendor-available gear?
2. How are we with gear bought on the marketboard?


there was a discussion for a full ARR MSQ category, it will be added tommorow when im done with work. <- original thread.


Thanks for the link, didn't see this! Updating with this thread