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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Forum  /  Reshade against the rules?

I'm using Reshade (with Stormshader) to make the game look better, this is purely cosmetic and looks better for me (if anything it could drop a bit of my FPS but that's fine as i'm still above 60fps)
Is this allowed for a 1-50 (and possibly 1-60) run?

Also on a sidenote, is it allowed to import after the run has started my HUD layout from my main character? this is a timeloss on my end but it throws me off not seeing my normal HUD.

Gonna do a run somewhere this winter break so kinda wanted to know these things.


Id assume that its allowed as its just a cosmetic effect, ive wanted to get reshade for a while but no clue how to get it to work


yeah, it's purely cosmetic, nothing else changes and it's just easier on my eyes since i think the colors are quite washed in FF14, using Reshade with Stormshader really fixes this issue for me (really an eye opener after playing this game for 5 odd years)