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Over the last couple of months, having verified many runs, it has become clear that we have a great situation here where we have 2 pairs of runners lowering the Co-Op Unsync WRs. So I would like to propose to Phil, LunaMile, Misdreavus and Inani if they would be interested in showing off their Co-Op skills in a 2v2 race for Games Done Quick. They have a recurring series called Community Spotlight, where they have various runs performed by the best runners for their respective games and it would be cool to see something like this take place.

I did a Solo run for their Hotfix series last month, So I do have a contact within GDQ. If all 4 of the suggested runners would be interested, I will get in touch with my contact to see if this is something we could get featured. So Phil, Luna, Misdreavus and Inani, let me know if this is a good idea and I will get in touch with my contact.

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I am so very much down for that yeh, ive always wanted to take part in a gdq and would love to race them

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I'd absolutely love to do something like this. I'm having tonnes of fun on these really competitive co-op runs atm.


Would this be a "record a race, and submit it to be displayed at GDQ," or "we travel to wherever GDQ is and perform a run live" thing?


Itll be a run hosted on the gdq channel recorded live is normally how it goes


Ah, so like a "we separately stream and they will just show both perspectives" thing. Ran it by Inani, we're both down if that's the case.


Me and Phil are going to do 1 or 2 practice runs of this tomorrow to see what a complete run with ps4 and pc load times mixed together comes out as, im estimating 1h 45 as a easy goal then gonna work backwards with him to try get sub 1h 30


For anyone interested me and phil did a practice run of this, its very unoptimized right now but gives a decent estimate

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Obviously, this wasn't at AGDQ, but anything else come out of this? I'd love to see FFXIV at GDQ since XIV is a constant sponser of the show.


Me and Phil are still up for pursuing it tbh

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