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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Forum  /  BLU Updates invalidate old strats

Due to changes in 5.1 to BLU, some of the currently standing runs (including some of my own), use strats that are no longer possible. The old runs weren't really glitches/cheats, just strats no longer possible.

This is due to the fact that once you use Self-Destruct/Final Sting, you're now debuffed with "Brush with Death" which prevents you from using these abilities for another 10 minutes. The debuff does go away when you leave the carnivale instance, but not between acts. This means that strats like with Miss Typhon no longer work.

Not sure how we want to handle these types of runs.


It might be a good idea to decide on how we handle runs which become essentially unbeatable due to job changes or general game updates like the BLU changes mentioned by Sir_VG. A few examples I have in mind are: the 8-man story dungeons Castrum Meridianum and the Praetorium which used to have skippable cutscenes so any runs done when cutscenes were skippable are no longer possible to beat; the BLU changes making some strats impossible; and, hypothetically, if one of the fastest jobs for dungeon speedruns has some major changes that reduce its speedrunning abilities, how would old runs be handled?
I'd like to know others' ideas on this but one I'd thought of is that we have to submit a current game patch number (5.0, 5.05, 5.1 for example) with the run we're submitting which is displayed in a column along with the player names, date and video link. This way the actual fastest runs are still on display but it is easy to distinguish the best runs for the current state of the game. I'm not sure how viable this is considering that old runs don't have this, but it could be figured out from the submission date. Any more ideas?

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I like the idea of displaying patch numbers to be honest as that way some runs can be rebeaten and competed for the best time, sorta like how WoW does their categories of by expansion

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Just to add to this I don't think The Whorleater is beatable either (on either difficulty) due to the changes made to it in 5.0 (though one day gear will catch up and make it beatable again once you do enough damage in one hit to skip the last invuln).