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So obviously NG+ is out now for ARR, can i start making runs now? nothing has been updated, i was wondering if there are going to be particular rules with NG+ ARR...


I think you can.
The rules applying are basically the same as the other NG+, i.e. :
- Start Timer when you accept the first quest of the part, and stop when you return the final quest of the part.
- In Solo Category, you must do the run solo, if anyone join you to form a party, it will invalidate the run.
- The run must be done as single segment.
- The time taken in account is RTA.
- If Coop Category, every runner has to submit a PoV of the run.

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That might be something I might look into since I replayed the MSQ for ARR so many times by creating so many characters that I am a bit intimate with the story flow. Sadly, I don't know how to stream videos, so if anyone can direct me to a general streaming help site, I will look into actually streaming a run.

Oh yeah, I also have to get ONE of my battle classes to Level 80 so I don't fail dungeons and trials. 🙄

Of course, that would mean I'd have to solo Castrum Meridian and The Praetorum. GL with that, those two dungeons will add an hour to the time considering how you can't skip any cutscenes or mash through dialogue.


Might do a speedrun of 2.1-2.55 New Game+, as well as a Healer% of all of the healer classes(aka going through all of the Conjurer/White Mage, Scholar and Astrologian quests as well as the Healer role and void quest... of course, as before, I need to go to the end of Shadowbringers to do the void quest. XD


You can use OBS to capture videos/stream, or are both streaming websites.

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