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I had wanted to discuss this with Deln before the new Praetorium WR was verified but as the video showed, they continuously logged out and in of the game in order to skip the Cutscenes in the Praetorium. Have we decided that this is allowed or is it cheating?


I would call it cheating. The cutscenes are not intended to be skippable. This would be a clear example of someone doing something to circumvent game mechanics.


@NeflarionNeflarion It was decided that it wouldnt be allowed.


I think that speedrunning is generally pretty pro-"doing something to circumvent game mechanics," that's, like, the whole point of the hobby? I personally suggest allowing cutscene skipping in only premade 8-man squads, so that other people aren't meaningfully impacted. cutscene skipping is a very visible and obvious time save, and I feel that banning it outright is a bit of a kneejerk reaction.

hopefully we can see this decision reversed or amended.


I mean... it depends on the category of the run. Most games that allow the circumvention of game mechanics or glitching to get to places faster or the player wouldn't have access to until later on in the game have separate categories for those runs. If people want a cutscene skip category for Castrum or Praetorium, they should make a case for that category.