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Heya there,
I've been running ARR MSQ with some of the runners on the board here, as well as done some other runs in the past. Now I'm actually thinking about how we can promote the FF14 speedrunning community as a whole more to the public. I know GDQ has already been mentioned but I think as a community we can definitely come up with more options since some people think,"You can't speedrun an MMO". I beg to differ and think as a community we should be able to prove them otherwise, so if you guys have some neat ideas maybe we can post them here and maybe the moderators can do something with it ^^

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We could do some races, between two pairs of players (or a 1v1) on a dungeon marathon or in the PotD.
I have also an idea with doing a 1v1 race but with only one random job, chosen before the beginning. Like, we take, let's say, 5 random dungeons, 1 random job and race time (but it's not "true speedrunning" i guess).

But there are just ideas, so they can't be all good ones

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I submitted an all arr trials run to Fleet Fatales (the women's speedrun event that GDQ is hosting in November), so we'll see if it gets in.

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I have some ideas to promote FFXIV speedrun.
- make a Fellowship in game
- write an entry at the Lodestone Blog
I will do this ideas in GaiaDC(JP) , in few days.

And, there is "RTA in Japan" that Japanese speedrun stream/offline event.
If somebody run FFXIV in this event, many JP players and non-players will see it maybe.

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I also just found this tweet that may allow for arranging some things


Good on you for trying to qualify for the Fleet Fatales marathon, Shino Inari. I have done a couple of runs for GDQ's Hotfix show including the day before this year's SGDQ for Tina's RPG Show. Hope you qualify and if you do, if they allow male commentators, I will offer to join you in that regard.

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Should we also create a "FFXIV Speedrun-Only" Discord server ?
Nahz's ideas are good but limited by the DC System. We could promote speedrunning and this Discord via FFXIV blog/forums too, to extend said ideas
For example, I know we are at least 3 on Phoenix (Light DC) : Phil, Luna and myself, but to communicate with American and Japanese DC the ways are quite limited

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Phil actually had a Discord with a few of us but it's been inactive for a year


Has anyone considered reaching out to SE to see if they'd like a piece of the action for these speedrun charity events? They've had private instances at Fanfest before, so maybe they can throw together a new mid-high end trial for launch at the event where you could invite 2-4 major speedrun teams to do blind as a race. Just spitballing here, but stuff like that would build hype not just for the game, but speedrunning as well.


That would be interesting, but afaik, Fanfest has been canceled this year.

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Having a discord would be neat imo

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I already made a ffxiv speedrun discord months ago the last time i tried to get ffxiv speedrunning out there, WOuld love to see it Active again, only went inactive because there was no competition really back then for the categories we ran

Link is -

Originalyl was just me and Awsmphil when we were the mai nrunners for FFXIV so would love to see more people in, that way i can also be kept in the loop of runs/races

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Also Daiz Good to know we got another speedrunner on Phoenix ❤️

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