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Hey, I plan to do a full MSQ run of ARR with RT70 on. Would I be disqualified if I made a character in a preferred server and not start it until the actual run, so I don't have to find a server for the run? Just asking as my server fills up on preferred worlds quickly

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not a mod but it seems like a great idea unless I'm missing something

rule: "Timer start after skipping the first cutscene after creating a new character."
That cutscene can be stored to be skipped in a later run. Just quit out of the game anywhere between cutscene start and the last dialogue box that appears after a control scheme is selected. Can't really move around anytime between then. The game also doesn't build up rested exp in that starting solo instance either.

Don't know if you can copy/paste ui and settings after character is created though. This would get rid of the potential queue for logging in a 2nd time and is like a 30ish sec time save at most without that queue.


The run doesn't start till after the first cutscene.

What I did was create a character, hit the login queue then cancel out of it. The character's now usable for when you need it.