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I am finally ready to release a beta of the trigger's i've been working on (and will continue to work on until i have made auto splitters for every dungeon). I have up to the Hullbreaker made, and I'd like to ask here first if anyone is interested in testing these. They're all working properly on my end and are super CPU friendly (they won't overload your cpu).

The only thing you need beforehand is ACT. Everything else i'm providing in this link:

Add the triggernometry plug-in into ACT.
Import my TriggernometryExport
Install LiveSplit (unzip it if you downloaded it from me). Open the correct dungeon (it will have categories posted in the title of the dungeon).

You can download a whole folder from google drive by rightclicking and choosing download.

I know that LiveSplit lss files are able to be kept on here, so how does one go about getting these suggested?