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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Forum  /  Question about chances of adding a full game%
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I know that it would absolutely have to be set up to be multi-segment because the total runtime is multiple days long. I am currently 50 hrs in on a run and am planning on "speedrunning" Endwalker as well when I finish it on my main. Probably finishing Shadowbringers when Endwalker releases and any subsequent patches not touching the character I am speedrunning with unless speedrunning a new section of MSQ. I know it may be difficult as FFXIV is an ever shifting speedrun. Since it is likely that there will be a road to 80 instead of 70, which could make a huge difference in times for SB and ShB leading directly into EW but I want to have my run evolve with it. Don't know if that will work. But it is worth a shot to ask.

I mean a full game MSQ%

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