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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Forum  /  Request(prompt reply would be very helpful): Due to IL restrictions in Shadowbringers Expansion MSQ Speedrun Market board may be required.

So I have decided to go for the first speedrun of Shadowbringers and I have hit a huge dilemma.

Post game of Shadowbringers due to IL restrictions would require a huge time sink of grinding for tomestones/gear to be able to make it through postgame since you cannot buy gear to meet those requirements outside of tomestones crafting or eden and duty roulette. Assuming you get 1 piece of gear per run (which is absolutely nowhere near the actual chances of happening) you at minimum are doing 10 runs per dungeon in the expansion. And I assume on average that a party can go through each in 15 minutes. That makes it 2 hours per dungeon roughly not including wait time. And while yes you do get 50 tomestones per run of a Dungeon (outside of the chances of a new player) you can with the amount of tomestones you get up to the first PG dungeon buy exactly 1 accessory. Which for me was enough to finish the first dungeon.

In summary (tldr): I feel the market board will be necessary for shadowbringers post game content for the speedrun. As without it the run would be extended by an excessive amount just grinding for gear to meet IL restrictions.

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not a mod but i'd wouldn't mind seeing some sort of exception made for post-current-expansion runs if Endwalker has similar ilvl requirements. Right now, there's 3 or 4 ilvl checks that need to be met with one in particular that's pretty brutal if rng wasn't great prior to Anamnesis Anyder.

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I don't have notes for shb & this is all from memory but i hope it helps ^^

Unlock and clear these ASAP:

The Twinning
Akadaemia Anyder

Eden's Gate: Resurrection
Eden's Gate: Descent
Eden's Gate: Inundation
Eden's Gate: Sepulture

The Copied Factory
*the porter from the first town w/ the garden to the dwarves makes this questline slightly more bearable

Eden's Verse: Fulmination
Eden's Verse: Furor
Eden's Verse: Iconoclasm

Eden's Verse: Refulgence
*run this 4 times for Blade of Golden Antiquity x4

The Puppets' Bunker

Eden's Promise: Umbra
*won't be needed if rng is good


Gearing is a bit tight and changes on rng so here's what seems to work:

-Spend tokens from Eden's Gate, Verse, & promise as you get them (token drops differ from each floor)
-As you progress MSQ, grind out current raids/dungeons for gear until the requirements for the upgrades below are met.
-Upgrade 1 ring slot with Allegory.
-Save 1000 Alegory for Mowen's Token (Allegory) x10.
-if you have x4 Blade of Golden Antiquity and the above, trade them for Crystarium Cane.
-Spend excess Allegory upgrading lowest ilvl jewlery/belt .
-Once The Puppets' Bunker is cleared, use the tokens for Crystarium Weapons Augment.
-Spend Revelation Tomestones on lowest ilvl jewlery/belt .

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That is definitely useful information, I think I will wait on a ruling from them before I continue the run with whatever their decision is. Sadly if they stick with it that route will still be a fair amount of time, since a majority of the problem is still drops and queue times which are definitely far from garunteed. And with that route is a very high chance of wiping due to newer parties on eden. Especially looking at it as a healer who will likely have the bare minimum for it. So I am going to hope for the yes especially after all, at the end of Shadowbringers the amount of money you have just in the coins you collect should be enough for at least a few pieces of neo ishgardian armor/accessories. Problem is that that would require the market board.

My experience with drop rates has been less than stellar.... Maybe I need Urianger to bring some astrology to help me align my stars.

Joking aside up to Hades I really only had 6 drops and and a majority were level 72-76 gear sadly my belt being the lowest so to get the greatest difference in IL I grabbed the belt which will be useless come Endwalker XD.

As much as I want to do the speedrun I really don't want it to take an extra 4-6 hours on top of main story content. It is nearly as long as if not longer than ARR which for me was 22hrs XD

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I do not check these forums very often(in the future it is better if you ask your questions in the discord which should be linked somewhere on this page). The Market Board will never be allowed in runs for equality and fairness among all runners.


There's also a good chance that the ShB post MSQ gives gear like ARR, HW and SB (haven't done SB in a while) to help players get through earlier content.


You can buy item level 515 level 80 gear released in Endwalker in the Crystarium.