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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Forum  /  Possible New Categories?

Hey all, just getting back into speedrunning again, got a few ideas for some categories that could be longer more fun runs to do, they are:

All ARR Dungeons
All HW Dungeons
All SB Dungeons
All SHB Dungeons
All Dungeons

All ARR Trials
All HW Trials
All SB Trials
All Trials

What do you guys think as these would be longer than a few minutes run and make it more fun and competitive i believe

Lunamilegaming ❤️


I certainly think it's a cool idea. The only thing I'm wondering about is what we'd do with the setup time between dungeons. Would we cut out the time we spend queuing for the next one?


id assume that queueing for the next one would count which would promote fast menuing if solo and forming a full group for coop


Something else that I am trying to get included is main story gameplay, but to a certain point. Next month, I will be playing in an online speedrun marathon where my goal is to unlock the Airship and complete the quest associated with it. Another run I have experimented with is to unlock Rogue as fast as possible. These were inspired by seeing other speedrunners play FF4 to where they turn Cecil into a Paladin and FF6 where they defeat Kefka in the battle in Narshe. Hopefully, these inspirations turn into actual categories, but it depends on what Deln will want.


If there is interest around a certain category then i'll find a way to include it.

For all dungeons/trials i may have an idea how to set the board for them.(adding those would mean ALL dungeons/trials and not only 2.0 and whatnot)


Yeh thats what i meant, i wanted like all dungeons of a expansion, all trials of a expansion and so it would add like 6-8 more categories for people to run in, similar to how under trials we have Coil of bahamut full run, or alexander full run etc


any updates on this, id still love to see if possible multiple categories like All Realm Reborn DUngeons, all HW Dungeons, All SB Dungeons, All SHB Dungeons, and then seperate categories for All RR Trials, HW Trials, SB Trials nad SHB Trials, Only ask as i see we already have NG+ categories added 🙂


Im still very much into this gettign added if possible 🙂

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I'm also interested in seeing new categories. Especially All ARR Dungeons/Trials.

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There's actually a couple possible categories I've been thinking of: Squadron Dungeons (ARR, HW, and all dungeons) and Trust all dungeons. Still need to get my squadron set the way I want it for this, but the limited dungeon set might make up for the longer clear time and make this a fun run to do.


So quick question, the All Dungeons/All Trials are unsynced solo-run correct? Not unsycned duty finder for group correct?

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@LeiAFkpuzLeiAFkpuz On the board there is a solo and coop category. Also yes this is unsync'd


To chime in with my own category suggestion, I'd like to see HoH added much the same way that PotD currently is. I imagine we can at least have a 1-10 and a 1-30 category.

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