ARR - RT70 - Limsa Start - The Warrior Way V1.11

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Update 27/10/20

With 5.3 a lot of things changed, I'm not 100% on how this effects the Warrior route as WHM is hands down the quickest we currently have but I have tried to tidy this up a little bit!

Because of these changes some of the information here will be wrong, I've tried to remove what I know is no longer correct but there will be bits that have been missed and for that I am sorry.

For Warrior job quests you can pretty much skip them all, once you have that job crystal you're golden. If you have long queue times you can fit them in whilst waiting for dungeons/trials.

With starting on a preferred server you get 10 silver chocobo feathers, these alone will get you 3 pieces of your 130 gear, weapon, chest and pants. You will hit level 50 in Coerthas.

Speak to the Calamity Salvager-> deal in spoils->silver chocobo 1

You'll have 600 Poetics by the time you finish Prea to buy more armour, your right hand side you'll get from doing the MSQ.



The guide is still valid but currently with Healers being in demand White Mage is the much quicker route.

So this is my basic notes I've been working from whilst doing a few runs of ARR on a Road to 60 server (2x exp) as a Warrior. If not running as a Warrior ignore those steps and factor in you're own class/job quests.

The first few hours will be very tight on money as there's a lot of Teleporting to Summerford and Limsa, grab money rewards when short on Gil otherwise grab gear improvements.


Finish mini Tutorial

For PC players you can log out here (but not pause the timer) to the main title screen and copy across character data to setup hot bars ect. You will take a time hit here of a couple of minutes or worse if the world is full and you hit the login queue.

Attune to Aetheryte, Hawker's, Arcanists
Tele to Hawker's
Sprint to Fisher's Attune
Tele to Aetheryte
Run to north and enter Upper
Attune to Cul
Run to Marauders
Tele to Aetheryte
Take lift to Drowning Wench
Run to Aftcastle Aether
Tele to Middle Lascea
Hit lvl 3 900/1100xp
Run back to Limsa
Tele to Marauder
MSQ at Drowning Wench
Tele Middle La
Run to Summerford
Buy Eye patch from Merchant
Attune/favorite Aetheryte
Kill MSQ Goubbe
Tele Summerford
Don't forget to pick up Oranges
Hand in MSQ tele to Summerford
After killing 3 pirates MSQ tele Summerford
Start "Just Deserts" MSQ
Return to Limsa
Complete lvl 5 Marauder Quest Do not hand in yet
Tele middle La
Continue MSQ
Tele Limsa
Tele Middle La
Tele Limsa then Marauder
Grab lvl 10 Marauder
From Aether tele to Middle La and Run into Lower
Kill job quest mobs
Tele Limsa ->Marauder
Hand in lvl 10 quest
Tele Summerford -> MSQ
Kill Golem
Tele Summerford
Return/Tele to Limsa - MSQ Only
Tele Summerford
Grab Millicorn Seed, ignore quest mobs run to next area
Attune Swiftperch
Casket of riches is in top left location when approching house
Tele Swiftperch
Take money and sell
Tele Limsa -> Aftcastle
Aether to Lower La
Run to Moraby Docks
Continue MSQ
Return/Tele to Limsa
Run to Drowning
Tele to Marauder grab lvl 15 quest and MSQ quest
Tele Swiftperch
Kill Gargole
Tele Limsa
Tele Marauder
Airship to Gridania
Attune to Aetheryte and CNJ only
Airship Ul'dah
Attune Chamber of Rule then Aetheryte
Tele back to Chamber
Tele Limsa
Run to Drowning Wench
Tele to Fishers
Ferry to Aleport
Grab Marauder Quest
Attune Aleport
Continue Marauder Quest
Run to Hall of Novice
Unlock Dungeon
Queue first dungeon
Run to Drowning Wench
Tele Ul'dah
Attune to Adventurers
Take Choco Porter to Horizon
Leave Choco and Run to Dungeon
Queue and if time Attune to Horizon
If possible Tele Ul'dah
Attune to Sapphire Exchange/Weavers and Goldsmith
Back to Adventurers Guild
Tele Gridania
Attune Bentbranch Meadows
Run to Dungeon and Queue
If possible Tele Gridania
Attune Amphitheater and Lancer Guild

MSQ Waking Sands
For the Waking Sands Tele to Limsa, Aether to Arcanists and take ferry to Vesper Bay, depending on load times it's rather quicker then running from Horizon.

With update 5.3 using the vesper bay tickets are now the quickest

From here on out my notes get a bit short, for the most part it's just follow the MSQ.

Lots of teleing to Camp dry bone
Queue for Ifrit
Tele to Camp Drybone
MSQ Hero in the Making - Go to Limsa Last
Grab Marauder lvl 20 quest don't do it yet - lvl 23 MSQ takes you to Aleport anyway
Choose Immortal Flames as GC
Attune to Quarry Mill during MSQ in the Area and before doing Toto-Rak Dungeon
MSQ Secret of the White Lilly - Adventurer Guild - Aetheryte - Tele Lancer guild or run and attune
Queue Haukke - Upon completion you'll be at the dungeons enterance
After speaking with Minfillia and starting Titan questline complete lvl 25 Marauder quest
Lvl 30 Marauder quest will line up with start of Titan MSQ
Attune Costa Del Sol
Grab Job Crystal

Running from Costa to Curious Gorge is about 30 seconds
Wineport to Curious Gorge is over 50 seconds

Queue Brayflox dungeon - Attune to Wineport during queue time if possible otherwise afterwards
Upon dungeon completion you'll be back in the spot as before you entered
Grab lvl 35 Warrior quest before starting MSQ at Wineport
Attune Camp Bronze Lake
Queue Titan
You'll be at Titan Aetheryte after completion - Watch out for aggro
Tele Camp Bronze Lake
Continue MSQ
After the Stone Vigil you'll be at the Airship
Continue MSQ
Finish MSQ at Aleport
Grab lvl 40 Warrior quest
Tele Wineport for lvl 40 Warrior Quest
Gridania - Tele to Amphitheater or run/attune
Continue MSQ
Queue/Beat Garuda
MSQ at Furys Gaze - Spawn mobs and run away back to MSQ giver
Contine MSQ at Mor Dhona
Complete Warrior lvl 45 quest before rescuing Scions
Back to Waking Sands for MSQ
With 5.3 changing exp rewards this section is now null and void!

At this point you should be close if not just passed lvl 48 and even with 2x exp you'll still be short to continue MSQ. Stand in front of Minfilla and Queue leveling Roulette, once finished you can continue MSQ
Continue MSQ
Queue Cape Westwind, If time run to Camp Bluefog and Attune, attune other aetheryte if long queue.
You'll be just outside when complete, watch out for aggro
Continue MSQ
Queue Meridianum, about a 25 minute run, you'll be just outside when complete
Queue Praetorium, about a 45 minute run, complete and you'll be in the Waking sands.

Congrats you've finished 2.0!


The almost 100 Quest Gauntlet!

My notes get very shorter from here on out as again it's just follow the MSQ from 1 NPC to the next.

When you get the chance grab the Crystal Tower Quest!

Ifrit/Garuda/Titan HM have to be completed to progress MSQ - grab them and complete them whilst doing MSQ quests
3x MSQ pick up at Mor Dhona
Unlock Sunkern Temple and Queue - 5.3 not needed anymore
Whilst in Queue try to complete the other 2 MSQ quests
For collecting the Tea Leaves tele to Mor Dhona and head back to Coerthas Central Highlands
Queue Moogle King

People forget about the mechanics of this fight, assign numbers to 1-5 and ignore 1/2.
Kill order ->1 Black Mage->2 White Mage->3 Bard->4&5 other 2-> Ignore Warrior/Paladin
MT grabs King
OT Grabs Warrior/Paladin
Everyone else burns down moogles in order, killing War/Paly last

MSQ White Ascian, Run back to Waking sands after chatting - Use vesper bay ticket

"""This has changed""" Doman Kids - Located south atop the stairs, North East corner of town and in the Waking sands building

Sorry for not saying but pick up CT quest in Mor Dhona
On the way to levi's aetheryte you can do 1/2 of the first CT quest in this area
The other 1/2 can be done on the way to do Titan HM

After killing levi you should be around ilvl 90-100 if you used the silver chocobo feathers, poetics and grabbed the correct accessories from the MSQ

Complete the rest of the CT quests then burn through all 3 raids!


Continue MSQ and beat Ramuh
Snowcloak - You'll be outside dungeon entrance once complete
Continue MSQ and beat Shiva
Queue Keeper of the Lake - Last boss - Yellow dragon away from boss/blue close to boss
Queue Chrysalis - Tanks only take meteors, everyone else burn add and LB to avoid wipe
Queue Steps of the Faith
Finish final few MSQ

Timer ends after regaining control after MSQ Before the Dawn
Prompt /playtime in chat

Congrats on completing all of ARR.