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2 years ago

In the temple of 8-2:when you press the last button,the boss appears but every previous ennemies disappear.

Aim at the right ennemy,V press the first mecanism instead of fighting.Regroup and use the invisibility,no sprint,F press the next one which is sacrificial,A and K go to the middle,no gambit or he's gonna provoke someone.You'll need to reorder a VL pression mysteriously.

It feels logical:a combat série is out of place in this chapter filled with quick escape or kill.

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Against BT:Xfocus the portal and dismiss every monster except the horses.Buy Ifrit+H for V and L. F doesn't take the portal but goes through the ennemies which will provoke a fight between them,she's on right and aims at FR. The fight is kind of random,it is not always faster but my initial problem was the inconsistant final attack.

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Given how 1-2 works, not surprised 8-2 (Glabados Ruins) works similarly. Never actually tested if it happens before—sounds like it saves maybe 25-30 seconds (huge for this game).


In 1-2:V needs to kill 2 ennemies in order to not miss a level if you don't know.There's the Y button for the previous level.

I'm here for 5-1:You don't need to fight.Xpoint the dogs,then,Lpoint a mushroom at the exit,gambits will be ignored if there is a focus and that's their only purpose.Dismiss every monster.F removes the dogs rapidly,the small fliers in one spell.How do you get rid of the golems?Sprint in front of them,they should follow V.

A more subtle one is the water saber that should be ignored.Shopping only after 4-1(V is safer than F in my guide instruction:middle chest+crystal+south),in particular:you can add the Varmor with fire résistance.'still need the electric wandH-M-L before Belias.The quality of the fire saberH-M-L will probaly be worse but you can use it on Bag(7/9 is enough).

In 4-3:(equip the last weapon of P and K)you can ignore every ennemy before the cutscene.Xpoint the up chest,the first dog should follow V while L opens the first chest,FKPL to the second (remember the sprint and the accélération).Provoke Bag with the poison on the dogs and defense trap+jump.

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