A question about NG+ run mission selection.
3 years ago
West Virginia, USA

I noticed on the PC Agito NG+ record that some of the missions weren't the Code Crimson missions. I thought that was mandatory for NG+ runs? Could us NG+ runners have been running faster missions, like Big Bridge, instead of the 30 minutes guaranteed Chapter 6 mission all this time?

Not to take away from the record, but I'm rather confused here.


Yep i was worried that you guys might've had this misunderstanding but was worried about reaching out through dms and such at risk of sounding condescending and had no public way to reach out really (though in hindsight i guess i could've used this, i forget srcom forums exist).

NG+ speedruns effectively boil down to "do everything in your power to make the game fall over, no holds barred". There's already a run by anubit3blad3 that does whichever missions he likes from 2016, so it's always been a thing. I am glad the misunderstanding is cleared and i am sorry i didn't reach out sooner making you guys effectively waste time in certain spots (looking at you big bridge code crimson)

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West Virginia, USA

No worries, had a friend in the T0 server clear this up for us a bit ago. I think a bit of my confusion came from watching Golbezz' old WR run at first and just assuming from his run that CCs were mandatory. I think he mentioned something to that effect as well, but I may be misremembering.

I do think it could stand to be made a bit clearer on the boards themselves, but yeah! Looks like the re-route is on! I appreciate the clarification!