Route Strategy Discussion
8 years ago
Florida, USA

Just wanted to make a new thread if anyone wants to add some tech or new route strategies for other runners to look at.

In the PC NG Any% I stumbled on this accidentally. Apparently you can do some paralysis skips on the Mission Operation MA Demolition where you need to get a card from the guards and then access the computer. I haven't messed around with it at all but if someone wants to there can be some time saved at least on that mission anyways. Maybe half a minute or so which is including the 3 rooms. Here is my highlight of it.

Another strategy that might be good is using Ifrit for Qator Bashtor 2 if anyone has not already done this. Ifrit's auto attack move tracks well for the easy hits on the kill-sites. My fastest fight with him from messing around was 52 seconds from just messing around and good RNG.

I'm going to take a break from this for a little bit and come back later to improve my time. Hopefully more runners will pick this game up and find some new tech. Would be interesting to see what people find.



I recently started practicing NG+(PS4) and discovered something interesting about Eight. He has an ability called Last Stand that gives him the Aura, Haste and Killsight effects, which means you can have Haste in almost every mission except Liberation and Pandæmonium. To nullify the effect of Killsight, just use some Protect equipment, such as the sp crystal or the agito insignia, and I also recommend using the i'cie mode on Eight, so that the effect of Last Stand be permanent. I would be happy if someone ran using this strategy, at the moment I'm busy focusing on the NG category.