Glitchless, No Hard Resets - Human F, Human F or Imp Route
Glitchless, No Hard Resets - Human F, Human F or Imp Route
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##Rules No Poison Glitch, No Human Fungus Glitch, No Dragon Warping, No Trashcan Glitch, No Infinite Item Use, No Selling Counter, No using depleted items to boost a Robot's stats, No healing a Robot's HP by shuffling equipment around.

Start Time: When New Game is selected. End Time: When Arsenal is defeated. ("Arsenal falls." or "Defeated 1." is printed.)

Emulator usage is allowed. For GB use BGB (Emulated system set to GB), Bizhawk, or Gambatte. There are no emulators that accurately emulate the RNG on SGB. For GBC use BGB (Emulated system set to GBC with a bootrom.)

At time of submission of runs on SGB1, runners should specify if the listed time is converted or not in the description.

The RNG must be scrambled by fighting a random number of encounters before each run to prevent manipulation of the RNG. Only soft resets are allowed. Using soft resets to skip random encounters is not allowed.

A convenient setup for scrambling the RNG is to load a save with Isis in your party, use her Pegasus magi to warp to Ashura's World, and walk into a quicksand flow. Save there, and whenever you want to scramble the RNG you can load up that file and let the quicksand push you around into encounters rather than having to walk around yourself.

##References なゆき's 2 Human F Route: ざぼん's Human F, Imp Route: (The link in the "SaGa2 秘宝伝説" section) baku_zero's Mutant F, Baby-D Route: ("エスガチャート ver2.00" in the "RTAチャート" section)

##Other Leaderboards: Nico Live RTA Wiki: (Under "サガシリーズ" -> "Sa・Ga2 秘宝伝説") Peercast Record:

##Party Creation The following are the major sources of time loss that can be mitigated by party composition:

  1. Failure to run away. This is mostly an issue at the beginning and end of World 1, so a high agility party early on is useful.
  2. Surprise attacks. Starting in the Cave of Light in Apollo's World, it's possible to run into monsters with Surprise. If you can get Warning on a character, this is a non-issue.

Main Character: Human F or Mutant F This character acts as a damage sponge and can do small amounts of damage through a Laser Gun or Tank. Choosing Human F will give your party a higher total agility, allowing for a greater chance to run away from encounters in the 1st world. This character also doesn't have take to any actions until late in Edo World. Choosing Mutant F will give you the chance to learn Teleport, which saves a massive amount of time, and Warning before Race World. You can also skip getting an SMG for your Robot with some risk.

2nd Character: Human F, Imp This character holds the Aegis once that's obtained and then moves to damage output after losing it. Choosing Human F here grants the same advantages and disadvantages as listed above. It's only recommended to choose a Human F here if you have one for your main character. Choosing Imp here gives you multiple opportunities to become a monster that has Warning before Race World and Imps have better agility than other starting monsters. If this character is a monster, it'll be referred to as the "Secondary Monster" or "Monster #2" in this route. Otherwise, it'll be "Human F #2".

3rd Character: Baby-D This Baby-D will eventually become a Watcher in the Race World, and then a Madame after fighting TianLung. Referred to as the "Primary Monster" or "Monster #1" in this route.

4th Character: Robot This Robot will equipped with agility boosting items and will be your main source of damage throughout the game.

##This route will cover the following parties: Human F, Human F, Baby-D, Robot (Starting total agility: 27) Sample Run:

Human F, Imp, Baby-D, Robot (Starting total agility: 22) Sample Run:

It's recommended to watch one of the sample runs along with this route to learn how to move through each area optimally.

##1st World Home Town After character creation: Equipment Change: Human F(s): Remove Rapier(s). Robot: Equip Rapier(s) (+4 to +8 Agility)

Agility effects accuracy, evasion, the chance to run, and the damage agility-based weapons do. By removing the Rapiers from the Human Fs, you reduce the number of inputs required for each turn. Running away is successful if the random number rolled from 0 to 50 is less than 100 * (5 - # of active party members) + the sum of your party's agility - the sum of the enemy groups' agility As a result, whenever you have a 5th party member, you'll have a drastically reduced chance to run until you build your party's agility high enough to compensate. It's also harder to run away from a battle with 3 groups of enemies than a battle with just one or two though the difference is not as drastic as having a 5th party member.

Cave of North Save before fighting the BabyWyrm and soft reset or restart the run until you get meat from it.

vs. BabyWyrm Mr.S uses Fire. It doesn't matter what the rest of your party does. Meat: Have the Baby-D eat it to become a Silver. (+12 Agility)

Shrine of Isis Talk to Ki.

Relics of the Ancient Gods B1F Get the Whip. (Optional for the 2 Human F party)

B3F Get the 3 Magi.

Equipment Change (Skip this if you didn't get the Whip) Robot: Equip the Whip. (+4 Agility)

Magi Change (If you skipped the Whip, wait until you get the Sabre to do this) Monster #1: Equip the Power Magi. Robot: Equip the Speed Magi.

Shrine of Isis Talk to Ki to recruit her.

Ashura's Base Running into the zombies roaming around will start a battle. Avoid them.

vs. Rhino Silver uses Kick, Robot uses Colt or Rapier, and Ki uses the Book of Thunder. Meat: Don't eat it if it drops.

Get the 3 Magi here, and leave.

Pillar of Sky Ki leaves your party.

##Ashura's World Navigating the Desert Head 4 steps to the east from the Pillar of Sky and head straight down into the sandstorm. Walk south past the 1st cactus to your left until you see a 2nd cactus below you, take 3 more steps south, and head east. Head east until you see another cactus, line up immediately to the west of that cactus and head south until you're out of the sandstorm. Head south to Ashura's Tower. If you need a visual reference, either of the videos above show the best path to take.

Ashura's Tower 4F Get the Sabre.

Equipment Change Robot: Equip the Sabre. (+8 Agility)

5F vs. Woodman Have the Robot use either a Rapier or Sabre. Meat: Don't eat it if it drops.

Mask joins and gets his equipment a floor up. He shouldn't cause much trouble with regards to successfully running away.

9F Get the Silver Shield. (To be sold later)

10F Get the Battle Sword. (To be sold later)

vs. Ashura Your Humans do nothing. An Imp can try to put Ashura to sleep, but it will mostly whiff. Silver uses Kick, Robot uses the Sabre, and Mask attacks with his Hammer. Ashura will usually be defeated in 2 or 3 turns. The only thing that can wipe you out is multiple casts of Flame.

##1st World Shrine of Isis Talk to the Fairy next to Ki to get the Magi to move forward. Head to the Giants' World.

##Giants' World Giants' Town Talk to Dad at the east side of town. Follow the path behind dad to the back of shop, and talk to the clerk. Talk to Johnny at the pub. Say "Yes" after he spills his secrets to avoid extra dialog. Exit town, head northeast and enter the discolored tile.

Giants' Houses Enter the southern house and get the two magi there. Head back north and enter the other house. Get the Gold Shield, Geta and Micron. As you're leaving, you can walk underneath the table to do so. Head back to the 1st World.

##1st World Second Town Sell everything but the Micron. Buy an SMG.

Equipment Change Robot: Replace the Colt with the SMG.

Shrine of Isis Talk to Ki to enter her body.

Ki's Body Get the 6 Magi throughout her body. In her hands, the Magi will be on the 2nd finger from the left. In her feet, the Magi will be on the last toe from the left. It's a rare occurrence, but if you run into a single Crab, go ahead and fight it for the chance at a meat drop. If Crab meat drops, have the Silver eat it to become a Baby-D. Once you have all 6 Magi, head for Ki's brain.

vs. Phagocyt Have the Robot use the SMG to clear out all the Phagocyts. Meat: Have the Imp eat the meat to become a Cameleon.

Shrine of Isis When you appear outside of Ki, move away to skip seeing some dialog. Head to Apollo's World.

##Apollo's World Apollo's Palace Talk to Apollo. Leave, and head southeast into the ocean, and then southwest to the Undersea Volcano.

Undersea Volcano 3F Get the Power Potion, and Gold Sword. (To be sold later)

4F Get the Book of Fire. (To be sold later) Get all the Magi here. Leave, return to land, and head northeast to the Cave of Light.

Cave of Light You can start getting surprise attacks on the later floors here unless you have Warning.

4F Get the Giant's Glove and the Book of Lightning. (To be sold later)

5F Get the Laser Sword. (To be equipped later)

7F Get all the Magi here. Leave, and head northwest to the northern entrance of the Mountain Cave.

Mountain Cave If you still have an Imp in your party, fight any single groups of Medusa for a chance at their meat. Meat: The Imp eats Medusa meat to become a Big Eye.

Talk to Lynn on the last floor to recruit her. Equipment Change: Robot: Replace the SMG with the Laser Sword.

vs. Dunatis Have the Robot attack with the Laser Sword. Take note if you get any extra drops from Dunatis.

Lynn's Village Head to the weapon shop. Sell everything but the X-Cure and the Blitz Whip if Dunatis dropped one. Buy 3 Headbuts. If you got a Blitz Whip from Dunatis, you only need two. If you got anything else from Dunatis you can buy a Laser Sword instead of a Headbut.

Equipment Change Robot: Equip the 3 Headbuts, 2 Headbuts and the Blitz Whip, or 2 Headbuts and a Laser Sword. Replace a Whip if you've already filled up all your equipment slots.

Your Robot should have at least 303 HP. Leave and head to the next world.

##Guardian's World Pub Select "Heroic Tune" on the phonograph to the left.

Guardian's Base Talk to Dad on the bottom floor. There's 4 fixed encounters here, an Ogre, a Mantcore, a Magician, and a Commando. Have the Robot attack with a Laser Sword to take care of each one. Dad joins after the first fixed encounter with the Ogre. Once you've cleared the Guardian's World move on to the next world.

##Monster's World Defeat the Ninja here with a single hit of a Laser Sword from the Robot. You'll be taken to Lynn's Village automatically after this.

##Apollo's World Lynn's Village Talk to Lynn's mom to get a Magi. Leave and continue on to Venus's World.

##Venus's World Venus's City Talk to Venus in her palace. Leave, head out the gates, around the mountains north to the Dirty Village.

Dirty Village Talk to Leon, leave, and head northeast to the Sewers.

Sewers B2F Get the PSI Sword. (To be sold later) If your primary monster is a Silver, or your secondary monster is an Imp. Save before the Hermit. You may need to farm two separate meat drops for this. Save and soft reset to respawn the Hermit. An alternative, riskier move, is to get Hermit meat for an Imp, and then try for Piranha meat in the Volcano for the Silver.

vs. Hermit Have the Robot attack with a Laser Sword. Meat: If Monster #1 is a Silver, have the Silver eat it to become a Baby-D. If Monster #2 is an Imp, have the Imp eat it become a Mantcore.

B3F Obtain the three Magi here. Don't open the lower right treasure chest.

B4F Obtain the three Magi here. Don't open the lower right treasure chest.

Venus's City You can walk through the wall next to the stairs as you're exiting the sewers. Talk to Flora to open up the volcano. Leave, and head northwest to the volcano.

Volcano If your primary monster is still a Silver, look for single Piranhas to fight for meat. 6F Get the Fire Gun and Mage Staff. (To be sold later)

7F Get the Magi here. (Open the left chest first) Travel to back to Venus's Palace.

Venus's City Attend the wedding at the west wing of Venus's Palace. Once you gain control, heal your Robot with an X-Cure, save, and confront Venus.

vs. Venus Have your Robot attack with a Laser Sword. Your other characters won't be able to contribute much except take hits. Only multiple casts of Flame should be able to wipe your party out.

Leave, and head to the next world.

##Race World Race Circuit Go to the stables and enter the 3rd one from the left. For the fixed encounters here, it's possible to open the menu and save on the tile where the monsters will spawn, which will save time if you need to reset. This can be rather risky, so make sure to practice or make a safety save before attempting it.

Change Magi Monster #2 or Human F #2: Equip Aegis Monster #1: Replace Power Magi with Mana Magi

vs. Lamia Save beforehand. 1 to 4 can show up. Try and fight either 1 or 2. 3 is borderline, and it's recommended to reset if you get 4. Monster #2 uses the Aegis. Have the Robot attack with a Laser Sword. Meat: Don't bother eating.

vs. Watcher 1 to 4 can show up. Try and fight either 1 or 2. It's recommended to reset if you get 3 or 4. Monster #2 uses the Aegis. Have the Robot attack with a Laser Sword. Your Primary Monster has to survive this battle. Meat: Have the primary monster eat it. If the primary monster is a Baby-D, it'll become a Watcher. If it's a Silver, it'll become an IceCrab.

Cross the finish line. Leave the Race Circuit and continue to the next world.

##Edo World If your primary monster is an IceCrab, search for Hermits to fight for a meat drop. Once your IceCrab is a Watcher you can continue on.

Edo Head north and confront the Hatamotos.

vs. Hatamotos Have your Watcher use Beam.

Leave and head east to Hana's Town.

Hana's Town Talk to Hana at her house right by the entrance. Leave, and head back to Echigoya's Shop in Edo.

Edo Talk to the clerk from the side. Go around to the front and sell everything in your inventory. Buy a Laser Gun. Leave, and head south to the harbor.

Harbor Walk down the dock to the right of the entrance. On the deck of the ship, walking down the right side is faster.

Middle Hold Get the Laser Gun.

Bottom Hold Get the Tank and Hecate Boots. Talk to Taro. Leave, and go to the court to the west of the harbor.

Court Walk up to the Magistrate for a scene. You'll be taken to Hana's House.

Hana's Town Talk to Hana. Leave and head back to Echigoya's Shop.

Edo Go behind the counter at Echigoya's shop to find a staircase down. Enter the room on the far left on the floor below.

vs. Echigoya & Hatamotos Have the Watcher target the Hatamotos with Beam. The Robot attacks Echigoya with a Laser Sword.

Hana's Town Talk to Hana to get Taro to join.

Equipment Change Human F #1: Equip the Tank. Robot: Replace any Rapiers or a Whip with the two Laser Guns. Human F #2: Equip a Rapier. (If applicable)

Leave and travel to the Shogun's Castle to the west.

Shogun's Castle Fight the guards.

vs. Gatekeepers This battle can be made up of Ninjas, Stonemen, and Knights. Human F #1 attacks the Knights with the Tank. Use the Aegis with your second party member. The Watcher takes care of Stonemen with Beam. The Robot uses a Laser Sword against the Ninjas. Taro attacks the Ninjas with the Masamun.

4F Starting on this floor, you can run into the Gatekeepers as a random encounter. You can't run away from this formation, so fight them like you did beforehand.

5F Get the Dragon Shield. (To be sold later.)

Shogun's Room Get the Samurai Bow.

Equipment Change Robot: Replace the Saber with the Samurai Bow.

vs. Sho-gun Human F #1 attacks with the Tank. Use the Aegis with your second party member. The Watcher uses Beam, the Robot uses a Laser Sword and Taro attacks with the Masamun. The Sho-gun should be defeated in one turn.

Talk to Magnate to be taken to the roof. Save before confronting him.

vs. Magnate Human F #1 attacks with the Tank. Use the Aegis with your second party member. The Watcher uses Beam, the Robot uses a Laser Sword and Taro attacks with the Masamun. The only way you can be wiped out is from multiple casts of Tornado. Magnate should be defeated in 3 or 4 turns.

After all the scenes you'll be taken outside the Pillar of Sky in Edo World. Continue to the next world.

##Nasty World Head south to the Nasty Dungeon.

Nasty Dungeon Get the Pegasus Magi in the chest by entrance. Leave, and continue on to the next world.

##Valhalla Head east to Valhalla Palace.

Valhalla Palace 6F Get the Book of Flare.

7F Save before Odin.

vs. Odin 1st Turn: Human F #1 attacks Sleipnir with the Tank. Use the Aegis with your second party member. The Watcher uses StonGaze on the OdinCrows, and the Robot attacks Sleipnir with a Laser Sword.

You can have the Human F #1 attack Odin instead, but it's possible for the Robot to not defeat the Sleipnir in one hit. If the OdinCrows aren't petrified, just leave them alone until Odin is defeated. Their attacks will mostly be blocked by the Tank and Aegis. After the 1st turn, have the Watcher use Beam on Odin. Everyone else does what they did on the 1st turn, except targeting Odin instead. Once Odin is defeated, if the OdinCrows are still around, have the Robot attack them with the Samurai Bow. Meat: Monster #2 can freely eat either Sleipnir or OdinCrow meat at this point. If Sleipnir meat dropped, you'll receive drastically reduced gold. This only matters if you have two Human Fs.

Use the Pegasus Magi to warp to Valhalla Palace to be taken to outside the exit. Continue on to the next world.

##Final World Forest Save (Odin is not around to resurrect you anymore)

vs. Minion Have your 2nd party member use something other than Aegis. This is to setup cursor memory for the next few battles. The Watcher uses StonGaze. (60% chance to hit) If you're unlucky enough when it comes to StonGaze, it is possible for the Robot to take out Minion by itself.

After the battle is over, and the scene plays out, leave to the west and head south to the Final Dungeon.

Final Dungeon B1F Get Karate from the southeast room.

B10F Equipment Change Robot: Replace a Headbut with Karate. Dad: Equip the Book of Flare and Hecate Boots.

Save in front of WarMach.

vs. WarMach The Watcher uses StonGaze. (60% chance to hit) Dad uses the Heal Staff. Same deal as Minion, it's possible for the Robot to take out WarMach, but it'll be a long battle.

Get the Heart Magi, and head north to the Final Town.

Final Town Weapon Shop Sell everything. Buy a CatClaw, and 3 to 4 Laser Guns. Only 3 Laser Guns are needed for a Human F, Imp party and you can only afford 3 if Sleipnir meat dropped.

Equipment Change Human F #1: Replace the Tank with a Laser Gun. Human F #2: Equip a Laser Gun. (If applicable) Robot: Replace a Laser Sword with a CatClaw. Replace any remaining Headbuts or Blitz Whip with Laser Guns.

Magi Change Watcher: Equip the Heart Magi.

Item Shop Sell everything. If you have at least 40000 Gold: Buy 2 Tents, and 4 Elixiers. If you have at least 35000 Gold: Buy a Tent, and 5 Elixiers. A worst case scenario, no extra drops, minimum # of enemies in required battles, and Sleipnir meat dropping, will leave you with exactly 32692 Gold. Buy a Tent, and 4 Elixiers. You'll have to conserve at most 5 uses of Flare in the descent to Arsenal.

Leave and head back to the Forest, and enter the Pillar of Sky there.

Central Shrine Save before confronting Apollo.

vs. Apollo Turns 1 to 5 Anyone that has a Laser Gun equipped uses it. Watcher uses Beam. Monster #2 does whatever is effective or produces the least amount of text each turn. Dad uses Flare.

Turn 6 The Robot switches to attacking with a CatClaw. Apollo will attack with the Masamune. Who Apollo hits with the Masamune determines the course of the next 2 turns.

Turn 7 For a 2 Human F route: If Apollo hit Dad with the Masamune, or if Sleipnir meat dropped, continue attacking, and have the Watcher use Heart Magi. Otherwise, run as you have done enough damage to trigger Apollo's meltdown.

For a Human F, Imp route: Continue attacking with everyone except Dad who now uses the Heal Staff. If the Watcher or Dad got hit by the Masamune, have the Watcher use Heart Magi as well.

Turn 8 Run, as Apollo started melting down last turn.

Once the battle is over talk to Dad, then talk to Isis.

##Descent to Arsenal From this point forward, you cannot run from random encounters, with one small exception. The number of random encounters fought in this area is anywhere from 22 to 23. There's also 2 mini-bosses.

Most encounters can be taken care of with Isis's Flare. Make sure to keep track of how many uses of Flare Isis has left. When she runs out, use an Elixier on her. You'll want to save any Tents you have for last.

There is some chance for Flare's damage to roll low enough to not take out some monsters, so make sure to spread the damage the rest of your party deals evenly. The monsters that tend to survive Flare the most are SS, T-Rexs, Wyrms and Musashis. You'll want to either StonGaze or FatalGas the SS depending on what your primary monster currently is. T-Rexs and Wyrms can be taken care of with a hit from the Samurai Bow in addition to Flare. Musashis just have a large amount of HP so you'll want your whole party doing their most powerful attacks aimed at them.

Your primary monster won't eat any meat from random encounters, but a secondary monster is free to do so.

When you reach the first mini-boss, save. vs. Tian-Lung Reset if there's more than 2 or if your primary monster gets KO'd during the fight. Have your Human Fs fire their Laser Guns. A secondary monster uses its strongest attack. The Watcher uses StonGaze. It won't actually do anything, but Beam won't make an appreciable difference and will play an animation as well. The Robot attacks with the CatClaw. Isis uses Flare. Meat: Have the Watcher eat it to become a Madame.

Save before the 2nd mini-boss. vs. Fenrir Reset if there's more than 2. Have your Human Fs fire their Laser Guns. A secondary monster uses its strongest attack. Madame uses Absorb. The Robot attacks with the CatClaw. Isis uses Flare. If anything goes wrong during this battle, or if you have a petrified party member, feel free to have Isis use the Heart magi. Meat: Monster #2 eats it. If you don't have a secondary monster, leave it.

Last Floor Refer to a video above to learn how to navigate through this floor. Musashi are more common on this floor. You can rarely run into Haniwas here. You can run away from them, and should since there's no reason to fight them. Before you fight Arsenal, use a Tent if available, and save.

Equipment Change Only do this if Sleipnir meat dropped, and you're running a 2 Human F party. Human F #2: Unequip the Laser Gun. Robot: Replace a Headbut with a Laser Gun. Alternatively, if a Jyudo or Karate dropped from a Bl.Belt, equip that instead and leave the Laser Gun on the Human F.

Party Sort Swap Human F #1 with the Madame.

vs. Arsenal Phase 1: 4 Cannons (1001 HP each) A hit from a CatClaw should take care of a cannon per turn. The combined damage of Laser Guns from your Human F(s), Madame's Absorb and Monster #2's strongest attack can also take one out. Once all cannons are defeated, Arsenal will move to the Smasher Phase

Phase 2: Smasher (5000 HP) Continue to damage Arsenal. If your secondary monster has a high damage spell with a low usage count, switch to another attack to save some uses for the final phase. Madame should Heal each party member starting with the Robot, and then switch to Absorb to heal itself for the final phase.

Phase 3: Launches Smasher Phase (5000 HP) Human Fs fire their Laser Guns until no longer able to. Switch your secondary monster back to doing its highest damage attack until it's no longer able to. The Robot will always attack with the CatClaw. Madame either uses Absorb or Heal. Use Heal if the Robot is below 400 HP. Use Absorb if Madame is below 400 HP. Prioritize Madame's survival above all.

Launches Smasher deals 99 to 639 damage. The exact formula is 99 + 18 * a random number from 0 to 30, ignoring defense.

##The End After the battle, talk to Isis. Take the elevator you passed by earlier, and go talk to Dad to start the credits.