Console/Emulation Timing
3 years ago
United States

We have a new WR run that has been submitted for Glitchless by Paul.

I feel this now is again the time to bring up the aspect of dividing the leaderboard categories based upon the console/emulation used. We know that SGB and SGB2 will run slightly faster framerates than GBC, GBA, or other types of console/emulation.

While not a concern in the past, now, as we have more activity and active runners than ever before, it is coming back up for debate. Over the course of an hour and a half, and from what I have seen in testing, two runners can have the exact same things happen during the run, however, on SGB or SGB2, the estimated time difference is a whopping 2+ minutes.

This will most likely be put to a vote should the mods/runners here feel it required. Until then, the matter remains up for debate.

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California, USA

SGB2 has a GB timing crystal in it. IME in testing it's identical in terms of timing to GBP, which is what's documented on places like SDA as well.

SGB1 though should be timing-adjusted as it does run too fast, by 1.4 seconds per minute. So yeah on a 2 hour run that would be a 2 minute difference.

Tennessee, USA

The timing difference is the reason why I run on the SGB2 instead of the 1.

My experience recently spending a few days running on emulator is that my paces were pretty consistent with hardware. My responses are slightly more tuned on hardware, but I think if I was running on emulator full-time there'd be functionally no difference.

As far as the exact same things happening, I would like to quibble just a little bit. A large part of the timesave in this run is from my new insistence on spicy starts. For instance, I got a 14:18 Ashura split vs. a 14:49 in the next-fastest recorded run. Most of this game is indeed variance, but insisting on a good start and then timing dialog and fight inputs correctly are where time is earned. In my case I'm not good at multitasking so I starting doing Emote-only Twitch runs and eventually offline runs. Turns out grinding WRs in this game is not super entertaining to watch.

I have all of my offline runs from the last 11 days (since right after I had a 73-second WR fail to record) and will trickle them onto Twitch as I have time this week.

"Until then, the matter remains up for debate."

I will be happy to debate this issue with anyone who puts in at least 10 hours a week of running this game for a month. Of course at that point they're likely to be on my side since they'll probably have a faster time than I achieved yesterday. World records fall out of this game every time someone with the time to invest takes it seriously.

Tennessee, USA

Well, since this is a vote... I am 'YES' for separating runs by platform (emulator/hardware). With the top times about a minute off and all using different platforms I am okay with the separation.

Tennessee, USA

The distance between runners has everything to do with the number of runs they've been willing to put in.

Do not make the mistake of fragmenting this already-obscure run.

Hardware is not faster than emulation with the exception of the SGB1. Full stop.

Tennessee, USA

It feels odd to have someone trying to change my mind after I have already cast my vote... If only the top 5 record holder's opinion matters Then you are welcome to ignore my input. I have run the game bi-weekly offline for the past 7 months. Maybe if COV-19 was not a thing...I could have spent more time working on beating my personal best. But it really hurts to have the world record holder discredit everyone with a slower time than theirs. So if it is currently proven that there is not a difference between Real-hardware & emulation...there is your answer. In closing, I take speed running as a hobby. If running this game 10 hours each day is the only proof of someone being a "serious speed runner" Then I know where I stand in this community.

Tennessee, USA

I'm not discrediting anybody. I am stating a technical fact. I will repeat it. SGB2 is not clocked faster than speedrunning-accepted emulators.

My concern is that you are talking about fragmenting the category based on platform, which isn't something that's done with almost any other game, based on nothing more than me getting a good time. Hardware being an unfair advantage is an extraordinary claim which requires extraordinary proof.

Cast your vote. If you and everyone else wants an emulator-only category, then the players actually playing will go get a good speed there too (go look at some of ChessJerk's runs) and it will be a bad look for everybody.

He/Him, They/Them
3 years ago

separated i vote no. splitting it up would make the board alot worst imo