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Ruby file for Zell card manipulation on PC
Modified ruby file to work for PC. Has changed some values like delay_frame and uses pingval cards as default. (direct download)
[Tool] Amsha-Beuj Skip
This is a skip for caraway code. This skip found by Beuj-Sensei and it is an upgrade of Amshagar Skip. This page can be in french and in english. (external link)
[Tool] Card Counter
An utility to keep a track on your attemps with Quistis and Zell card. (external link)
[Tool] Excel file of “AmShagar skip”
This excel will helps you to find caraway code. Caution : any% ONLY ! (external link)
[Tool] FF8 Counter
This is a multi-purpose tool for FF8. It has a built in counter for Zell Card manipulation and pole counting. It can also be used to learn early Quistis card patterns and to keep track of how many card games you have played. (direct download)
None yet
Official Co-op splits
Thanks to Gef for his great help. (direct download)
Lv 100 mod
Start a new game at Lv 100 with everyone. For speedrun challenge purposes. (direct download)
PS1 Music Files
Original PS1 Audio-files, converted for the PC-version. THOSE FILES ARE PERMITTED FOR PC ANY% RUNS. (external link)
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