PC runs?
2 years ago
Albany, NY, USA

Will we have a PC category ?


Yes, we will have PC category, for now we are still waiting until the load remover and autosplitter tool is done, should be ready at the end of January, we gonna test the tool soon, also we are currently revisiting some topics about the DLC items and how to manage Platinum category on PC.

Thanks for your patience and for more updates you can join the Discord :D

United States

but if people wanna do runs and get them posted, we can always look at getting them up sooner in theory but you'll wanna do another run once the Load Remover is out

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This is great news, I already have been running my previous cats again on pc and was wondering what would be happening over here as it is often a ghost town compared to other SRC Communities lol. Happy to call my last run a derust anyways so looking forward to LR tool and whatever else people can come up with (I'll take just autosplitter at this point because since moving to pc I'm so bad at remembering to split! haha)

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