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Okay, so I may be a new user, but I have been speedrunning ff7 for quite a bit on PS4. However, I haven't been able to share, because I have no capture card. I started having a hard time using the PS4 controller, so I decided to switch to the Switch (pun intended) for the pro controller, which fits my hands better. I have noticed several inconsistencies compared to PS4 version. I will finally be getting a capture card this Saturday, so I can show the differences listed below.

Here are the reasons why Switch needs its own category:

1. The screen delay between new game + controller help + actual start of cinematic takes a few seconds more than PS4.

2. The switch version remembers the Field Message Speed, even for a New Game. It seems the field message speed is remembered on the Switch version for some reason, even after a hardware restart. This allows for an initial menu advantage at the beginning of the game. Where in, you do not have to change the bar. On PS4 all three bars are usually manually adjusted to Fastest. But on Switch, you only need to do 2 in this case, if you had previously launched the game in any fashion and changed it. I have tried closing the game, and even multiple power off / restarts. It is still stuck on Fastest on a New Game.

3. The switch has a slightly faster loading time between areas. Due, to using a Micro SD for storage compared to the PS4 hard drive. PS5 will probably have this same speed up as well, but I haven't been able to get a PS5 yet to confirm. This is most notable when transitioning from 7th heave screen back to pillar screen. You can almost instantly go back to 7th heaven screen the moment it transitions to black when traveling to the pillar screen.

4. The jail in Shinra HQ has a spot where X3 mode is turned off, compared to PS4 during the story, and requires a Menu / Interaction to trigger it back on properly. So, far this is the primary one I have noticed that was different compared to PS4 for some weird reason. This can hurt quite a bit seconds wise in this part of the story. As you have to wait to gain control of cloud, before you can menu / interact to get X3 back on.

5. Running the switch at 1080p has inconsistent FPS compared to PS4 in several spots.

6. The 3X mode is slightly different / inconsistent on Switch due to the above inconsistent FPS. Can cause upwards of 1s difference compared to PS4 times in areas. For instance, I had a weird speed boost in Jueno first visit when running on the screen before the boat, to do the president send off, compared to PS4. I have never seen that happen on PS4. I have also experienced slow downs in some areas compared to PS4. PS4 framerate at 1080p is just more consistent than Switch.

Disclaimer, 5 and 6 may not apply if the Switch gets a hardware refresh as rumored.

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Hello, thanks for the feedback on Switch being different, back then we put them all together because none of us knew any difference, since we didn't do runs on every console (or owned them), I'll show this to other mods and we'll see what we'll do about that board.

For 3. There is already a difference between the PS4 u're using and you can change to have a SSD, so there are already differences in speed depending of what you have there.

2. There could be a rule for switch where you have to put your field message speed in the middle before starting a run.

1. Possible to just start the timer later or substract the difference inbetween the 2 consoles.

So I guess the other points are the more problematic ones.

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