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I popped the final split about half a second to fast but fixed it pretty fast... maybe 6h25:16. Plenty of mistakes and improvements to make! but still got my 3rd back for now

All Characters/Espers (Glitchless)
6h 25m 15s
1 month ago
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Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1Gruuuuuu Facial3m 48s 748ms3m 48s 748ms
2Marshal Mathers
8m 21s 179ms12m 09s 927ms
3Escape the Ass Clown9m 03s 287ms21m 13s 214ms
4U Lift Bro?10m 06s 547ms31m 19s 761ms
5Nizbel Soup8m 41s 402ms40m 01s 163ms
6I 'train'ed for this!19m 03s 990ms59m 05s 153ms
7Boys Day out14m 33s 779ms1h 13m 38s 932ms
8Stealing Celes8m 12s 795ms1h 21m 51s 727ms
9Returniner of Fire4m 25s 384ms1h 26m 17s 111ms
10The Final Boss4m 56s 109ms1h 31m 13s 220ms
11ZoZo16m 54s 970ms1h 48m 08s 190ms
12Stealing Celes Part Deux16m 52s 505ms2h 05m 00s 695ms
13Fire and Ice8m 24s 525ms2h 13m 25s 220ms
14Lost Count3m 06s 597ms2h 16m 31s 817ms
15More Numbers6m 53s 154ms2h 23m 24s 971ms
16Lefty and Righty2m 56s 850ms2h 26m 21s 821ms
17Sealed Gate19m 02s 957ms2h 45m 24s 778ms
18Emperors Meal11m 47s 359ms2h 57m 12s 137ms
19Fire Eater15m 39s 859ms3h 12m 51s 996ms
20Squid Surprise7m 12s 912ms3h 20m 04s 908ms
21Chair Force!19m 55s 975ms3h 40m 00s 883ms
22Atma7m 04s 311ms3h 47m 05s 194ms
23KILL THE NINJA!!!!!!!!11m 44s 252ms3h 58m 49s 446ms
24Titanic Dip7m 13s 021ms4h 06m 02s 467ms
25Saving Private Gerad9m 13s 854ms4h 15m 16s 321ms
26Wondering Gambler3m 22s 100ms4h 18m 38s 421ms
27Falconry4m 49s 481ms4h 23m 27s 902ms
28Level Grind9m 00s 927ms4h 32m 28s 829ms
29Kupo!3m 53s 804ms4h 36m 22s 633ms
30Sabin2m 14s 923ms4h 38m 37s 556ms
31GoGo2m 58s 761ms4h 41m 36s 317ms
32Legend of the Druken Master2m 11s 135ms4h 43m 47s 452ms
33Palidor!0m 19s 100ms4h 44m 06s 552ms
34Terra8m 49s 002ms4h 52m 55s 554ms
35Cyan5m 17s 406ms4h 58m 12s 960ms
36Relm / Starlet5m 16s 505ms5h 03m 29s 465ms
37Opera House1m 40s 562ms5h 05m 10s 027ms
38Cultist Strago1m 32s 750ms5h 06m 42s 777ms
39Gau4m 09s 211ms5h 10m 51s 988ms
40Save Shadow1m 54s 146ms5h 12m 46s 134ms
41Fight Shadow
2m 52s 507ms5h 15m 38s 641ms
42No Means NO!9m 11s 752ms5h 24m 50s 393ms
43Odin / Raiden3m 45s 731ms5h 28m 36s 124ms
44Ragnarok3m 37s 967ms5h 32m 14s 091ms
45Tritoch2m 34s 648ms5h 34m 48s 739ms
1m 40s 783ms5h 36m 29s 522ms
473 Stooges / Cyans Dream3m 45s 302ms5h 40m 14s 824ms
48Alexander5m 18s 948ms5h 45m 33s 772ms
49Flying Purple People Eater2m 41s 782ms5h 48m 15s 554ms
50Kefkas Tower1m 35s 992ms5h 49m 51s 546ms
51God115m 59s 977ms6h 05m 51s 523ms
52God24m 04s 625ms6h 09m 56s 148ms
53God33m 13s 680ms6h 13m 09s 828ms
54GOD KING FRANKIE12m 05s 212ms6h 25m 15s 040ms