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I made a thread about this yesterday but no one replied and the thread is now gone due to the recent site issues (I assume). While doing a casual playthrough on the Japanese PS3 version I noticed that damage doubling from daze is done after the damage cap is applied, so without genji glove you can deal up to 199,998 damage to a dazed foe.

I was wondering if this version difference is well known, since I have been unable to find mentions of it in english, although the Japanese community is aware of this trick. I would assume this has implications for certain categories.


Yes, this is a known thing - specifically there are several differences between the JP 1.0 release, and the updated JP / international release.
Other major differences involve being able to use the shroud menu while running, bart 2 having a slightly different AoE region on Laughter, and some more enemies are possible to pre-empt (at least ochu, I think neochu possibly also)
In theory for PS3, JP 1.0 would be faster for all categories just from the shroud menu if nothing else, and the daze changes probably make an impact for Plat%, but due to the difficulty in getting hold of it, not many people (if any) run on it.

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