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I'm interested in running this and I have it on 360. Will segmented runs be accepted since there are disc switches throughout the game? For example, starting timer at new game then stopping when it asks to insert disc 2, and combine that with best runs from disc 2 to 3 etc.


No, all runs on this leaderboard are single segment. I imagine the reason you are asking is because you have trouble finding time for a 5+ hour run. While I do sympathize with that, segmented runs would have an unfair advantage over single segment runs, so they would not be accepted.


Naw the length of the run doesn't bother me too much lol, I was just curious. So for the disc switches I suppose just stop the timer then resume when it begins loading? And also, are load screens counted towards the overall time or no? Because XBOX 360 has some crazy long load times


even if you swap the disc the timer will still goes and the loading times still count 😛 .


Little bit late to the party but Xbox360 has separate leaderboard on another tab for the loading/disc swap differences