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So question, what are the requirements for PC version to use that version. I applied the Nividia CP fix that basically gets rid of the stuttering but I have frame drops here and there.

PC specs:
- GTX 750Ti
- AMD A10 5700 APU
- Resolution: 720p
- MSAA: x2
- Shadow: 1024 x 768


I have the same graphics card as you, but I use an i5 processor. Regardless, the NVidia control panel settings I use are:
Power Management Mode - Prefer Maximum Performance
Threaded Optimisation - Auto
Triple Buffering - On
Vertical Sync - On

I occasionally get some very slight frame drops but overall its barely noticeable. Outside of this I'm not really sure what you can do to improve the games performance outside of messing with the shadow resolution/AA settings in the launcher.

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