Trial Mode speedrun from NEW GAME
7 months ago

I would like to see such category here.

Rules: New Game, not minus, not plus

Goal: complete trial mode


I'm not a mod, however there usualy needs to be atleast 1 run done first before we consider adding a new category to the board.


Thank you for reply. Okay, gonna do this then

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I'm greatly interested in your approach of this category :)

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tbf, that would make for a interesting category to route and optimize, specialy since many many mobs in trial mode could just be killed with warp or warp motes and therefor not even require that much of a setup, i remember that on the Rikken/Elza/Pirates floor those things saved my life when i first did trials by just takin out the pirates. tho id say getting zeromus would also be a requirement really for the floor 100 cheese coz i wouldnt see how else you could do that fast without grinding 10h beforhand. Really interested to see what you come u with xD


Thanks for showing interest!

Me plan is to do that in 7-8 hours, i believe it's possible in 6, but anything below that point i suppose could be done by only aliens :D

Zeromus is must have, yea. It saves a lot of time on last stages, and not only at stage 100. As well he does his best during Chaos, Abysteels, Ultima, Deathgaze, Gilgamesh, Magic Pot, Shadowseer and his fellows, 3x Supreme tyrants, Elza/Rikken/Pirates.

Warp motes are great, but Big Bang is much more faster and better during stage 86.

RNG moments are present too, unfortunatly. Like stealing Zodiac Spear from Biding Mantis, stealing Brave Suit, Wyrmhero blade, Excalibur (less rng based one). That's what will mostly affect on time.

However, i keep my hope for someone who'll find better strategies.

It might be possible to start trials right after you beat Belias, but not Vossler. As you know if you don't go further after defeating that Esper you can save Vossler and have second job. Guests Wither/Expose could be extremely useful during trials.

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well i did it. Not the best one, but very first to go!

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