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Will runs the steam version of FFXII TZA be allowed?

If so will they be grouped with the rest of the TZA categories or separated?

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Georgia, USA

I would also like to see PC support for TZA on the leaderboard.

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Lower Saxony, Germany

Will be included, don't worry Right now nobody submitted a pc run and people are still working on a load remover

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Georgia, USA

Currently there's no option to submit a pc run. Not saying that's the most relevant reason none have been submitted for it. Just pointing out that, even if they wanted to, they can't.

Either way, I'll probably pick this up on pc in a month or so. Is there an existing discord or subreddit for the ff12 speedrun community?

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New South Wales, Australia

I was gonna attempt the run but because of the way RNG works in steam edition, getting any semi-decent run is impossible.

Because of that I think PC should be an entirely different run.

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Lower Saxony, Germany

The closest thing we have to that would be OoA% or Plat% It's unlikely that 100% will be added as: A: There are no runs of it yet that could be submitted B: It's pretty losely defined and 100% categories are generally pretty weird for Final Fantasy games as they lack such a counter

Nebraska, USA

Would it be possible to split the Any% into two subcategory's for PC-TZA? One using speed multiplier (4x) and one not using it? Example: Any% (SPM4) and Any% (NSPM).

It's the same game regardless, the only difference is speed. I would find it more enjoying and engaging running the game as close to the original, while still using the advantages of TZA. Plus I don't find it fun or entertaining just zipping through the game.

I know that me just asking for a new category won't make it happen, just because I don't want to use the multiplier. I don't mean to undermine the current work of runners who have worked at TZA up to the time writing this either.

Lower Saxony, Germany

You probably got the biggest chances of success for a new category if you show your interest on that with an already existing run.

Nebraska, USA

Right now, the only run I can provide reference to is Pitted's run from two years ago. I will work on my own as well. Thanks for the advice desa.

Lower Saxony, Germany

Oh I was talking about you doing a run yourself^^ To show that you truly are interested rather than just thinking of the idea being nice

Nebraska, USA

I can do that. I wouldn't want to just be all talk lol. I'll post a youtube link or twitch link when its done.

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