Category Request for the Pixel Remaster
2 years ago
Saxony, Germany

I would like to do an "all achievements" run. I finished all achievements in 13h (one stream) with read out all texts and so on, so i think a run like this is possible and relatively quick.

Texas, USA

I would think that all monsters would be good enough... But I guess it comes down to what everyone wants


Please feel free to DM any of the admins on discord with what exactly you are proposing for "all achievements". Example: How do you define all achievements, how do you propose the timing work, any rules/restrictions you would put in place. How much interest you expect such a category to have (1 runner, 3 runners, 20 runners?)

We will review it as a team and look into adding it as a category.

Thanks, Dubldrop

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Aberdeen, Scotland

To add to what Dubldrop said, this would be an interesting category, and as with a lot of categories, we'd be happy to add it once runs are completed. Usually if at least one person runs it I'm personally happy enough to create it as a misc category so that at least other people who might have interest will know there's somewhere to submit it to help motivate the submissions.

Please note though that if we did add it, in order to verify the run we'd need for you to a) be able to gain the achievements every run (I believe there's a way involving using family sharing and throwaway accounts that Dubl mentioned to me, so it's doable) and b) you'd need to make sure that the VoD displays the "Achievement Unlocked" notifications from Steam so that we can also verify that all of them are included.

The main reason that I would want to be able to see each and every achievement is mainly for things like a) Bestiary completion and b) the achievements related to Gil and Enemy Kills. While they're probably going to be met during a run regardless, it'd be nice to have the popup confirm it rather than have us count how many enemies are killed every run.

Also on a side note, one thing of massive use would be if you could timestamp each achievement unlock, then it would make verification a lot easier too, just so that we can confirm that every achievement has definitely been unlocked in case we miss seeing it pop up.

Additionally to echo what Dubl said, if anyone has an idea for a category and wants to see it on the leaderboards, feel free to contact one of the Discord Admins, either through a ping or through DM, and we'll take it from there!

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Saxony, Germany

Sure. I found a programm which can be used to give you achievements or take it away on steam - really handy :P and to display the achievements is also no problem. If you want I can do a run and than we see if you think it would be a good category.