Beginner's guide for speed-running Pixel Remaster
1 year ago
Maine, USA

Somewhat used the current guide for my unlikely-to-be-verified-because it-sucks time. This is the first time I beat this game in less than six hours but it's not my proudest achievement. Again, my run is a bit awful & I still must edit my notes to explain things in more detail. My only request is to see the writing of a beginners' guide (I am one) for speed-running this FF1 version.

United States

IceBlue has a great guide under the guide menu (link here

Captain also did one with maps included (link here

I'd recommend starting with the traditional Fighter, Monk, BM (2x) party and using a few extra safety strats (i.e. take a few more battles, buy a few more items, etc...) and eventually whittle off the strats as you feel more comfortable with the risk.

Getting to know the route, where to go, what to do next, and getting there expeditiously will pull your run time down to under 3 hours pretty quickly. After a few runs you'll be more familiar with the portions of the maps of each dungeon that matter to you. After that, peel off the safety strats and increase your risk and find those 2hr PBs!

The community discord is always willing to help if you have any questions.

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