100% run?

Hey man. Been years since my legendary run but would probably explore the game again if this category is created. Thanks

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How do we define 100% in a way that's meaningfully more interesting?

An SDA definition might require Tilte, Battle Helmet, Battle Suit, Pendant.

Do we really want to take any% and add a metric ton of grinding?


Yes we do. Plz make it happen you guyz

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Would that mean you want to get all of the armor, weapons, and spells? I agree with PresJPolk it would add a lot of grinding. Would it also mean grinding to Lord level? :-p

It might add some variety for some runners.

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Look, if someone does a run, then there's a run. I've never had any interest in 100% myself, but I did a pendant% run once. vod is here btw

If someone does a 100% run then I'll probably do one just to crush their time.

Historically, 100% on SDA meant "getting every item, as can be proven by opening a menu and showing everything off." Consider how there's that chalkboard in Paper Mario by Mario's house that displays collection rates, or showing off cluttered-full menus in Zelda games like Majora's Mask. Therefore I think 100% in Faxanadu should require getting every weapon, armour, and magic, as well as the Pendant and Magical Rod. Consumables such as Wing Boots or Hourglass can't be acquired permanently so they aren't included. The game won't let you buy multiples of the same weapon/armour/magic you already have.

This would require a huge amount of gold and would basically involve grinding at Joker Spring, probably the fastest way to get money, until you have enough money to chug through the rest of the game "normally" while buying everything along the way. This just sounds like a stupid version of pendant% with boring grinding to me, but like I said, if you want to see it, go ahead and complete the first run.

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So I took a quick look at what you have to buy in various areas...

In Forepaw you need to buy a Long Sword for 1600, Small Shield for 1100, and Studded Mail for 2500. In Mascon you need to buy Large Shield for 3500 and Thunder for 1200. On the way to Victim, you can buy Death for 9800 in the secret shop, which is way cheaper than the 12500 before Apolune. In Victim you need to buy Full Plate for 5200. You need to go completely out of your way to buy Fire for...2000 Golds, I think? In Conflate you need to buy the Giant Blade for 8500, and the Magic Shield for 9800. Magic Shield is cheaper at 7600 in the secret shop before Apolune, but grinding before Forepaw for that sounds awfully slow. In Daybreak you need to buy Tilte for 15000. Giant Blade can also be had here for 11500, in case of death warp related reasons. Red Potions sell here for 1200; a 3king route might want to be considered, so we can bring a pile of Red Potions bought basically for free to sell for 600 a pop here.

This is 60,200 golds total, and that's not even counting having to buy another Elixir at the Mascon secret shop for 4300 in case we decide finishing with Elixir is necessary for 100%. Requiring this much money probably means death warping is not an option.

I would recommend doing all the farming in Joker Spring with a Long Sword, without ointment. 720 golds a pop means you'll have to kill 84 wyverns in a single trip, unless you want to get another Jack key so you can get another Joker key. Have fun with this awesome category you came up with that people will want to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So Shiner is proposing you have to buy ALL items and spells?

Anyone disagree?

I' d be against having to buy consumable items, including the Elixir, myself. Let's not make it even more grindy than it has to be.

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Also, remember if you do grind Waveryns like Shriner suggests you'll be at higher level and have less wing boot time.

I seem to remember when I was messing around with armor that even if you have the ointment and you are equipped with a small shield you still take damage from fireballs. When I had the small shield equipped in Mist Tower and the ointment, I was still taking damage from Waveryn fireballs.

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Just because you have a shield, does not mean that you would need to have it equipped, so you can just buy your shields and then never equip them to make ointments still a thing. I think it would be interesting to do, but a lot of effort put into routing and making it work.

I would say all non-consumables would be the 100%. I would consider Elixir a consumable since it is one time use. Or even going so far as to say that you must have at least held all of the items in game at one point. Even if you do not finish with the item. Just my 2 cents.

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The shield info was just an fyi. I agree that I think it's a ok idea, just remember you're making either Pres or Shriner review a longer VOD during to some extra grinding. They've been awesome about turning submissions around, but would need more time for review I'm sure.

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I think that the speed run of Faxanadu is a perfect run at any%. Do I wish that 100% speedrun was a thing yes, but I don't think that the game is set up for it. It is a wonderful casual game to play and get every item. As a 100% speedrun the grind alone is enough for me to never want to run it.

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I just realized that would mean 10 min of Waveryn grinding without dying ConcernFroge.

I would do that casually just not for a speedrun. I think I agree with Shriner and Slack.

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Well here's another idea: max out inventory on Wing Boots on Joker key screen, then sell them all in Conflate for 2750 each. That doesn't save that much time from the big grind though, because you can only bring 3 (need room for 4 King keys and the Ace key). So 8250 gold, which comes just shy of paying for the Giant Blade. Don't forget about scrounging every gold coin along the way too.

Shields reduce the damage from enemy magic, if you're not attacking. Because it's a different sound effect for the hit, it seems ointment only prevents hits that make the "blugh" sound. Getting the cheaper Magic Shield early on would make grinding wyverns in Joker Spring a lot easier, and you can stock up on Red Potions outside too ;P

I suggested Elixir as part of 100% because you can only carry one and it shows up on your Player screen, which will probably need to be showed off before the end of the run to establish that Pendant is in there, and max rank of Lord has been achieved. Oh right, I never thought about rank...there aren't really any 100% speedruns of RPGs on SDA because that might imply they have to grind to max level. Should that be part of this run?

We could make this category even more silly, and require killing the Evil One with Glove, Ointment, Wing Boots, and Hourglass active all at the same time.

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I can do a rule writeup per Shiner's post if people REALLY want to do this.

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Given people's reactions, I think no one actually wants to run 100% except OP. We might get more interest if we create a "Best in slot" category instead. Just call it "Battle Helmet%" since getting the Battle Helmet means you can wield the Dragon Slayer at the end. That run would just be the same as any% but with 1500 more gold to afford a 4th King key.

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Best in slot would just mean getting Tilte and battle helmet yes. Sounds like a complete waste of a category?

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I'd watch a 100% run, if only because I'm a sucker when it comes to this game.

But I don't think it's a category I'd run myself. Seems like it would be a giant grindfest. No thanks.

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I propose that for each of these, if we get two runs posted in thread, we'll add the board.

Best upgrades: Timing begins with control of the hero after the exterior shot cutscene. Control ends with control loss after defeating the Evil One, when the end music begins. Player must acquire – but is not required to use or have at the end – Dragon Slayer, Battle Suit, Battle Helmet, Tilte, Elixir, Magical Rod, Black Onyx, and all four rings.

Full status: Timing begins with control of the hero after the exterior shot cutscene. Control ends with control loss after defeating the Evil One, when the end music begins. Player must have at the end of the game Rank Lord, all weapons, all armors, all magic spells, Elixir, Pendant, Black Onyx, Magical Rod, and all four rings.

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Slackanater came to my birthday stream and suggested I try this, so I did lol

1:16:19.66, forgot to put wsplit on screen could definitely be faster, the execution ebbs and flows lol Main strat was "Wing Boots scamming", farming Wing Boots until at max carrying capacity then selling in Forepaw or Conflate to pay for everything. Could have executed the basics in this better. Biggest stretch to improve would be Pendant and then going back to Mascon to buy the Large Shield. Farming after getting Pendant made my soul ache.

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My only issue with your All Item run, is you didn't get the Glove or Hourglass at any point in the run :p

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