Combining JP and US boards
2 years ago
Alberta, Canada

Seeing as there is only 1 listed run in JP, i was wondering what the community thought on the idea.

You should also note that the JP version is faster as there is a lot of unskippable dialog in the game, so it would definitely affect more than just adding one run to the board as I'm sure at the very least the top runners will switch to JP if this happens.

Michigan, USA

I'm fine with this. I feel like most games do not separate the languages from each other, only doing so when there's major changes between said versions. As far as I'm aware, Faxanadu doesn't have this, it just makes it faster due to JP text.

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Pennsylvania, USA

I would only worry that because Faxanadu is not a particularly popular run and having people need to play on the Japanese version may make it even less inviting. It also doesn’t really benefit the game and only stands to have a negative effect. Just my thoughts. I completely understand running faster version of games and it is done very often in popular games that already have strong competition.

Speedrunning the game without Nello! makes it worse, and I for one....


OOPS! Fallen asleep!

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Connecticut, USA

I'm nowhere near good enough to run this yet, so I don't really have a stake, but...

Would it be possible to time the differences in text speed in the dialog encountered in the typical route, and adjust the times of JP runs accordingly? The difference should be pretty predictable, as long as text is the only thing that's affected.

(There's also a name entry screen on JP that doesn't exist in EN, but I think that's before the start of the run timer and, as far as I know, doesn't affect anything other than dialog.)

I personally only have the JP cart and will probably run that one, fwiw, if and when I ever get good enough to do so.

Alberta, Canada

It is an open forum, every opinion is considered. It would probably be possible to figure out the difference using a TAS editor, and could potentially be used to allow English running to be a possibility if someone wanted.

There is a name input in the JP version, but you are correct, it is before timing would start.

I know I look forward to you beginning attempts when you feel comfortable doing so. Are you streaming your learning process? I would definitely come hang out while you are learning.

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British Columbia, Canada

The name you enter for your character is echoed back in a few conversations. So entering a name more than 1 character long will affect the run. The time difference between JP and English will have to be measured via TAS, to make sure the breakpoints are advanced frame perfectly. Functionally the games behave exactly the same but I don't see a reason to merge the leaderboards. JP is about 1 minute faster, I think a run done on that version would have to have its time adjusted to match what that execution would have got in the English version.

I don't want the leaderboards merged, it's easier to understand that way.

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Connecticut, USA

We'll see! The last few times I've tried Faxanadu, I've struggled to even get through the first section and the Wing Boots grind consistently. I haven't really prioritized it for a while, though, so I might improve quickly once I start doing focused practice with save states.

I'm probably going to be declaring next month to be "Dragon Slaypril" on my stream, and focusing on various Dragon Slayer-related runs that I've been meaning to get to. So maybe I'll be able to get some Faxanadu attempts in there. Assuming I'm able to get through Legacy of the Wizard improvements, regular old non-Fa Xanadu, the last character type in Dragon Slayer Gaiden, Dragon Slayer 6, maybe something with the original Dragon Slayer......

Not that I necessarily think adjusting times between versions of Faxanadu is worth the trouble, but it could probably be done just by counting the frames per character and the frames per page transition in one message, and then just multiplying those by the number of characters and pages in every other message along the route.

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