Low% Category
1 month ago
Gyeonggi, South Korea

Dear Runners,

Me and the other Moderator/s discuss and also the community and we deiced that we should put this category on this series as well. so for the following quest:

Q: What's "Low%" run?
A: it's the most difficult category in the fatal frame series.

Q: What makes it difficult?
A: in this category, the runner should finish the game but without:
 - Without using any lens
 - without ugrading the obscuras
 - without using other films besides the film 07

Q: how bout on Choshiro's chapter? are we not allowed to use the camera lens?
A: No, you are allowed to use it. Since the lens only ise to capture hints amd story progression and doesn't damage any enemy.

Q: Dpes a runner allowed to use dodge and other function?
A: Yes, We are allowing it for the runner for the purpose of beating it quickly.

this will be some minor Q&A for the category. if is there any negative comments or question about it, please feel free to tell us in the fatal frame discord channel. that will be all for now. Happy running!

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