Separating Wii and Remaster category?
8 months ago
Gyeonggi, South Korea

This is something I would like to ask about regardless of the Wii version and the remaster. They may have similarities when it comes to the puzzles and everything. But the FPS for the Wii was 30 while the remaster was 60.

Next is the Console version for the remastered. You can play it on multiple consoles (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, PC, Switch, & Xbox Series X). And on the console, it should be the same as Fatal Frame 2 where the Category for the Xbox and PlayStation are separate categories since it's quite unfair for the PlayStation Runner to play against Xbox Runner.

Also, should we also separate PC from the rest of the Console category for fairness of the runs?


If we were to separate the categories, I think it would be necessary to separate the Wii and remasters for the following reasons.

  1. There is no optimal equipment(festival) in the Wii version.

  2. In the Wii version, you cannot move sideways while holding the camera.

  3. Stairs can't be moved fast in the remastered version

  4. Gimmick operation method is different (piano, dial lock)

Next, regarding the remastered version console and PC, I have not verified all the differences, so I will refrain from commenting.

Gyeonggi, South Korea

Based on my observation on my runs and on Finn's Run (PS4), the door animation is way faster for the PC while on the PS4 it has a couple of seconds delay before the character opened the door.

Next is in the menu on equipping lenses, functions, etc. The PC version is way quicker when it comes to equipping items while on the PS4 it is way more slower.

So I agree with separating the Remastered and the Wii version while the PC and Console are in separate categories. Thank you for your hard work!

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Virginia, USA

PC is already currently separated, but I agree Wii/WiiU and current gen version (PS4/PS5/Xbox) should be separated for the reasons bajo has listed.

I feel like it makes more sense to lump the current gen versions together unless something is found to demonstrate a big difference between them since there are not that many we would have a lot of categories with only one or two runs. In the case of Fatal Frame 2 the Xbox version is known to run considerably faster, but I have no way to test this for Fatal Frame 4 as I only have the PS4 version. If someone has the Xbox version of Fatal Frame 4 feel free to chime in. But if there is a big difference found I 100% have no issues with having current gen console versions separated as well.

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I tried to see the door animation and the climbing animation in the (Xbox series X, Ps4, and PC) and based on what I observed the animation for both opening doors, climbing stairs, and cutscene is most likely the same (I only watch 3 video separately I didn't do an actual editing where I tried to combine all playthrough to see the difference between the gameplay). So I think 60 FPS should be in the same Category unless there's a short difference that I haven't seen based on FPS. sources:

Finndillydinn (PS4):

Venom Corp (Xbox Series X):

Minezowski (PC):

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United States

My biggest Assumption for Seperating Wii Version from Remaster would be all the stuff mentioned before, but also Load Times. Load Times should be SIGNIFICANTLY Longer on non-Remasters. Same with Console Remaster Vs PC, although if we're able to get a Load Remover for PC Versions thatd probs be best. Most Consoles are the same these days though. Ps4 vs One should be the same. Ps5 vs One X should be the Same. My Assumption for Fatal Frame 2 on PS2 vs Xbox, Xbox was a stronger console than PS2 that came out much later, and Fatal Frame 2 was released for Xbox a year after the PS2 Version so there was probs minor changes to the game. The only games i've seen where PC and Console are Together, are from Boards where every version of the game is the exact same with 0 difference, and where Mods actively time out all the loads for Console so the Load Difference doesn't exist, but very few games boards actually do that cuz its a ton of work and its usually reserved for very active/competitive games with alot of runners

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Well, the most effective way for PC to run at smooth 60 FPS was a mod where the Noise in the game will be removed. That will make the game run in a smooth 60 FPS. but in will affect the blossoming animation in the cutscenes in the game that's what I observed but since we don't usually watch cutscenes in the game, I guess it's good to do that mod. But, the problem in removing Noise in the game is that, when there's a new update, the Noise will back, or worse it will affect your game entirely so you need to re-do the entire process again.

Gyeonggi, South Korea

Also in addition to PC, the main problem is that the runner has their own different setup builts (some Runenrs has a Beefy one, and other including me who can't run the game in flat 60 FPS use a decent setup). So there are a lot of issues when it comes to the cutscenes showing up and the door animation sometimes takes a few seconds to open. But other than that, there's no issue whatsoever I can run normally.